Works of Satoshi KAMIYA 1995-2003

AuthorSatoshi Kamiya
LanguageEnglish and Japanese
Pages228 pages (with 19 models)
Table of contentsView at ODB
ReviewRead review by Gilad Aharoni
PublisherOrigami House (January 2005)
ShopsBuy at Origami Shop or Origami House or Origami USA
In my library sinceSeptember 2007
SignedYes; at 40th BOS Autumn 2007 Convention (Sept 2007)

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mammuthus primigenius

Hello, could I please get help on steps 45-51 of mammuthus primigenius (I do have the book).


I was wondering where i could buy a book of Satoshi Kamiya's online that includes diagrams of his very complex models. I am strongly inspired by his work and am wishing to enhance my origami skills!

Thanks :)

Satoshi Kamiya

There are multiple sites you can order it from. Here are some.

Origami Shop ( ships all over the world, probably one of the best web sites for ordering stuff like this. The book pretty much costs $75 everywhere, but the shipping depends on how close to France you are. Very good site. They have a very nice service.

There is Origami USA ( definitely not the best web site, and not a very good website for paper either, I would probably use this only as a "backup" site.

These are the ones I know about. There probably are more sites, so if you are not satisfied you could search more.

Yellow Bird

Hi Sara,

I hope you get time to fold the yellow bird. My friends and myself graduated with Computer Science degrees, so we're nerds and understand this is a Chocobo.



Hey Sara do you think you're gonna try the wizard soon? It looks complex but not as much as the ancient dragon

Have given it a try

I've folded the wizard, but it's been a long while since then. I wasn't happy enough with the fold to post a picture here, though.

-- Sara

Whay don't you try again ? It

Whay don't you try again ? It will be very nice to post a picture now you have got more experience than then and probably it's going to be better than the fold you already did

Not in the near future

Ah, these models take time to fold. And I fear I don't have as much time on my hands as I like. So I try to fold models I think I'll enjoy, and the ones that take hours are the first ones to be scratched off my list. :(

-- Sara

Please Help?

Yeah, in the book, on Step 46-47 in the Ancient Dragon instructions, can you please help me and tell me what to do? I have no idea how to make the pleat thing.

Check the Origami Forum

Please check for several pages of advice on steps for the ancient dragon. Also, if you're experiencing problems early on in the diagrams (yeah, step 46 is early on), this model might still be too big a challenge for you right now.

As to the step itself, it should be fairly straightforward. Fold the edge back up, while forming a pleat. Do this by pushing in the diagonal creases indicated on the left and right to make the paper pop up, thus going along the mountain fold and 2 valley folds indicated in the step.

-- Sara