My name's Sara Adams, and I discovered origami for myself during Christmas 2005. I've been hooked ever since. The intention of this site is to get you hooked, too. You've been warned! — Now go enjoy some instructional videos, pictures in the gallery, and all the rest of it. And most importantly, happy folding!

Between the Folds: Streaming online

Update: "Between the Folds" is now also available on Netflix.

If you're interested in origami, you might have heard about the film "Between the Folds". I have heard several enthusiastic reports about it, not just by origami enthusiasts, but also those without prior exposure to origami. The film was even honoured with the Peabody Award 2010.

Now here's the exciting news: today I received a message that the film is currently streaming online. That means you can watch the film for free, and experience the exhilarating beauty and wonder documented. It's currently being streamed on

Paper the World

There's an exciting new origami page out there, which you might be interested in.

They can probably express best what the site is about:
Paper the WorldPaper the World is a humble little project dedicated to spreading simple origami of models that focus on endangered animal species. There are other purposes to this endeavour but primarily it is to educate and teach some charming origami animal figures to children so that they can enjoy the art and creativity of folding paper and making beautiful things from such common material.


Have you ever wondered which books are in my origami shelf?
I had published a somewhat hidden list, which got quite unorganized (or at least not very accessible) when my origami library grew. So I decided to add a new section to this website, which not only lists the books I own, but also has some interesting data on them.

So, for the curious, you can check out which books I own at

Theatre Play: Animals out of Paper (Rajiv Joseph)

Today I met up with Meenakshi Mukerji. She's an absolutely lovely person, and you might know some of her superb modular designs. She also has a fabulous website, which I usually consult when I'm searching for modular pieces to fold.