Reworking the gallery

After a long day, I've finally finished changing to a different gallery system. There were some issues with the one I previously used, and I'd been dreading the task of changing to a different system. But today I finally did! This included deleting all old images, and adding all those images using the new image module I'm using. Unfortately, this means that comments on pictures were lost. I might be able to reproduce them somewhere in the future, but right now it'd just be too time-consuming.

Website launched

I've finally decided to launch I hope you enjoy the site - whether you're an origami guru, new to folding, or just interested in what's out there. The site still needs a couple of finishing touches, but I'm working on it. One of the things that I will look into changing is getting thumbnails for video playlists. Currently only individual videos have thumbnails. Sorry for this! Anyways, I wish you: happy folding!