My name's Sara Adams, and I discovered origami for myself during Christmas 2005. I've been hooked ever since. The intention of this site is to get you hooked, too. You've been warned! — Now go enjoy some instructional videos, pictures in the gallery, and all the rest of it. And most importantly, happy folding!

Quentin Trollip's book: Origami Sequence

Origami Sequence by Quentin TrollipThis is some exciting bit of news! The book I've probably awaited longest is available since yesterday. And of course I immediately ordered it. And maybe you'll fall in love with Quentin Trollip's designs as much as I have.

So, in about 2 week's time I'll be able to hold Origami Sequence by Quentin Trollip in my hands and fall into a folding frenzy. :)

You can buy the book in Nicolas Terry's I fear the book will not be available anywhere else. But while you're at it, the shop does offer lots of superb paper, other fantastic books, and some other bits and pieces.

And what else did I order, you ask?

New diagrams: Eifel Star, Crane, Flapping Bird

I don't diagram stuff very often, but once in a while I do find the time and ambition. No, sorry, I didn't say design - just diagram. In the diagrams section you'll find two new diagrams I created:
  • Eifel Star by Hans-Werner Guth Hans-Werner Guth's Eifel Star
    I'll let you in on a secret: I'll make a video on this soon, and probably in German.
  • Crane and Flapping BirdTraditional crane and flapping bird
    As these are very well-known models many beginners may attempt, I decided to indicate clearly where there are several layers of paper and such.

Freising 2010

Update: Pictures of the convention at!

Last night I got back from the 2010 Freising origami meeting. What a great event!

I've posted some pictures of the display areas at, and more stuff will be added some time later.

Origamido Paper for Sale!

I probably shouldn't be telling you this, because I haven't had the chance to order some myself yet, but:

I just discovered (mere seconds ago) that Nicoloas Terry is currently selling a very limited stock of Origamido paper. It's specialist origami paper made by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander, and it's a rare opportunity indeed to be able to buy it online (rather than flying to Hawaii).