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August 22-23 2020: Origami World Marathon

August 22nd-23rd a truly incredible event is taking place: 48 hours of online origami classes where 48 prestigious designers present 48 models from all areas of origami!

Registration is now open, with the event costing 48 EUR, so just 1 EUR per master class. Details are available here: https://www.origami-...

For the curious amongst you, these are the superb creators teaching the classes (via Zoom):

Subreddit r/happyfolding

Back in 2014 and 2015 I had a series called "Your Origami Folds" where I showed photos of your folds in a video. I'd like to revive that series, or allow you all to share your folds with me - and others - more easily. Someone suggested that I try out Reddit.
So a month ago, I joined Reddit and started exploring it. And I decided to create a subreddit for happyfolding: r/happyfolding.

Staying connected with online origami meetings

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation most, if not all, origami conventions and local group meetings are currently not taking place. The origami community is making the best out of the situation, which includes a whole bunch of online origami meetings. This includes not just meet-ups of like-minded folders to fold and discuss origami topics, but also designers teaching their models, giving fascinating background information and sharing their design process.