Time Lapse: Eastern Dragon (40cmx400cm)

Adams, Sara
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The Beast (Origami Eastern Dragon by Joseph Wu - time lapse)


I started with paper that was 40cm wide and 4m long. I think it took me about 90min to fold. Finding the right background music actually took longer. The irony of it all...

It's quite amazing actually. Isn't it hard to fold since it's so large?

It's somewhat harder than with "average size" paper. But not overly so, actually. I think that's mostly because there aren't really folds in that sequence where you have to hold both ends of the paper and such. Else it'd get quite complicated. :)

how did you get that dragon to have 2 curves in the body instead of one

Just add another pair of legs. :)

What was the size of the final dragon?

I honestly don't remember what size it was in the end...

Wher do you get this big paper from?!
I like to know.

I found it in a mall in Germany, probably Kaufhof or something of the like. It was marked as paper for wrapping books (covers for protection). I think it was around when school started...

-- Sara

what do you do with something that big?

Well, my boyfriend wanted one. I think he wanted to put it up on a wall, but it never happened. Ah, it still was fun. :)

-- Sara

It looks not like Eastern Dragon, but a snake or something. Video seems very funny and you have a great assist!

Well, Eastern dragons do look snake-like. Granted, I gave it an extra pair of legs (as requested by my assistant), so it's somewhat disformed. As to my assistant, indeed he was helpful - he got the dragon after folding, too. :)

-- Sara

Probably I did have it memorized. Might be that I had a look at the diagrams in between, though. It's been a while since I recorded this. :)

-- Sara

joseph wu... how can he/she design this model????? ok... i like origami and my favourite origami (of your videos) is crowding butterflies by shuzo fujimoto (i spelled right?) post more videos!!
i like them so much!

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