Eastern Dragon (5cmx27.5cm)


Very nice little dragon! I followed your videos and I managed to make one myself.
The thing that I noticed in this one is that it has a colour change on it's head as well. Do you just do the colour change before you start folding the head to get this effect?

Another thing is that my tail is "fat" when the tail on your dragons is thinner than the body. I think I might have missed a step but I cant figure that out (I'll probably just do another one).

Thanks for the great videos!

I think I recall forgetting the "thinning the tail" step in the video...
Before you start crimping the tail, simply fold half the tail inside on each side. Voila, thinner.

As to the colour change - yes, just do it before you form the head to have it throughout the whole length of the model. For this one, I actually reversed the paper later - but it's harder than reversing the whole length of paper in the beginning. If you do so, the tip of the head will look slightly different, though.

Yeah, I looked at the diagrams and I made the second dragon with the changed tail.
I didn't try the colour change on the head though but I'll probably do more of these dragons in the future.
Thank you very much for your help!

where did you get the paper for the dragon you made on the video

It's some foil-paper-foil sandwich that I bought in a crafts store in Germany. It's quite common here, but hard to fold with. You can fold simple models with it, but anything complex is out of limits. Thankfully, the eastern dragon doesn't have any complex procedures, so it worked out ok.

-- Sara

is it available in america

are you gonna do an instructional video for the jello ball

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