Pegasus (Satoshi Kamiya)

Kamiya, Satoshi
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 

Paper: Some foil wrapping paper I found round Christmas 2006
Initial paper size: 34.8cm x 34.8cm
Model size: height 6cm, length 14cm, wingspan 14cm

Today someone asked me whether I could help him with a couple of steps for this model. I hadn't folded it before, but spontaneously decided to try it out. This is the result of my second attempt. You don't want to see the first one - I'd used a 26cm square of thick paper, and thick just doesn't work for this model.


hi adamssara! i'ma real fan of yours. i'm 10 going on 11, and i'm trying to fold the ancient dragon by satoshi kamiya. however, i don't have the book, and i'm also trying to practice other models before i try it, but i can't find the diagrams for the pegasus... can you help me?

The diagrams for the Pegasus. Aren't they really hard to understand?

Actually, no, I thought they were quite clear. I didn't have any step where I was puzzled and didn't know what to do. Satoshi Kamiya does instructions that are pretty easy to read (given some folding experience), I think.

I'm stuck on step 37 - 38, and i can´t figure it out, i saw the video on you tube but it was too fast, it would be great if could upload it on normal speed..

Hi, I am also stuck on the same steps. Could you help me please!!!

Hi Adam Sara.. I really love your videos about origami.. Can u upload video how to fold origami blue whale by satoshi kamiya.... I'm dying to find his book at my country .. please and thank you

I haven't asked Satoshi Kamiya for permission on making videos on his designs thus far, so I won't be making any just yet. Currently, I don't feel I have the time to make videos on his designs - I've been insanely busy, I fear. Once I find the time, and re-evaluate whether his designs aren't too complex to explain in a video, I will decide whether I will ask for his permission. Only if he agrees will I make videos.
So all in all, at least in the near future, there won't be videos on Satoshi Kamiya's designs here.

I really appreciate your hard works sara..

Well done!

I'm still practicing my ori-skills, but you are an over-achiever!!!!

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What was the size of the paper that you used?

When I buy the book, next month, I will try to make one!



gee man that's a good pegasus so far.
im trying a lot of things now.
but but but

what do you suggest on learning how to read crease patterns.
'cause i like to be able to at least fold his phoenix 3.5

its awesome
so is this attempt to the first ever made satoshi kamiya pegasus
look forward to the diagram for his tenma H7
thats his kinda pegasus v3.0

i got stuck on steps 31 and 30. can someone help me, pls. maybe some videos or pictures

If this step is hard, then probably you did a mistake before. In step 30 you just fold as far as the flap goes, in step 31 you need to pull out some paper from within the model. Basically, your small half "bird-base" has two layers. Open the structure, unwrap one layer, and then refold the structure with only one layer. It might also be possible to pull out the extra layer without unfolding the small bird-base. I'm not sure, I only had a quick look at the diagrams.

Sorry, I won't be posting instructional pictures or videos of Satoshi Kamiya's work, as he prefers it this way.

-- Sara

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