A Miura-ken Beauty Rose (Robert Lang): First Attempt

Lang, Robert
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Flowers & Plants
Paper ratio: 

What's the advantage of being a novice folder like myself? While Robert Lang would have to discard this fold as a total disaster, I can be quite proud of it. Yes, I want to improve to get a better result than this. And yes, I admit, I haven't quite understood how to correctly shape the rose in the end. But, I AM proud of this, because it's the first time I've managed to get something remotely looking like when the master himself folds it.

Paper: 26cm square of unsuitable paper for this model (thick, but not strong; not coloured throughout)
Model: tip to opposite edge of base pentagon approx. 7cm; height approx. 4.5cm


I think the final result is pretty good! It's Lang's model and therefore would be a realy tricky one to fold too! You have done a good job on it. I see the folds are crisp but the edges a bit worn out. I was thinking maybe your next try should be with tissue paper? You know...those lil packs you get in the gift wrapping section in stores? Or maybe washi paper? Tissue paper would be a lot easier to fold and shape too and they also come in 'double-side' colored sheets too.

The flower up there is really amazing!

Oh Gosh! This rose is so sweet and cute!! Great try, considering it your first try. I think you should make a tutorial on this! =)

you should fold it from tissue foil and how do you divide a paper into 11 equal parts

Hey Sara i just got on Robert Lang's website and i wanted to ask you please to make a video on the orchid which he says there are diagrams for it in the Origami Design Secrets and on this model please !!!!!

Sara last night i finished this rose with 30 cm square of tissue foil and it works quite good even though it's not the best

i've tried folding this model by the crease pattern on robert lang's website AND tried following tadashimori's video on this rose but no matter how hard i try, i can't make it look right plus i don't have the book.

I can't manage to make it look right, either, as you can see. ;)

-- Sara

how do you divide the paper into 11 equal parts?

is this model to diffcult for an instructional video?if it isn't could you make one

The first problem is: I haven't folded a nice rendition of this model yet
The second one is: The shaping of this model - I have been told - needs maybe two hours to get it to look nice. That's shaping *after* all the folding is done.
Hence I don't believe it's a suitable model - neither with respect to my skill of folding it, nor with regards to the complexity of the final shaping.

Sorry for the bad news,

-- Sara

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