Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Front View


dragons are the most origami`s that i love!!!and this is the perfect please sara make me a video of this...and am sure other people love this thing!!!!take ur time..and thanks

um... just to let you know, first of all, that model takes DAYS to fold, and is extrememly difficult to show how to fold via webcam. second, sara doesn't have permission from kamiya to make videos on how to make his models.

what would it take to get his permission? is there any1 els who does have pwemission?
i've been siving through the internet 4 weeks!

i need help on step 38-39..... everything after that looks easy but i don't get what a series of inside reverse folds is suposed to look like?
PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ.................................................HELP!

Hm, I fear if steps 38-39 are causing you problems you might not be ready for this model yet. It gets *much* tougher later. As to tips to these steps, I fear I don't have the book with me. But please consider first trying some easier models before attempting this model. It *is* one of the most challenging models diagrammed out there, and will only frustrate you if you attempt it too soon.

-- Sara

Do you still have to reverse fold the top part of the wing, I got the rabbit ear fold but i can't get the top of the wing to look like 192

Please i need help with the steps 136-137 !!! please help me!!

please give me a instruction free
not video
I make a three headed dragon (not video)
and fiery dragon

Last time I checked, someone had a set of short tuts on a few steps at a time. (Not sure how many steps, though.)

Hey man, I love dragons too, especially this one trust me, I know what I'm saying....momentarily I'm folding The Ancient Dragon and it has 275 steps.....and I'm at step 70...and trust me it's really hard, although I have some experience I would say...even if Sara could have the time to make many hours of video for this model, the techniques involved here are very complex and I think in a video it's hard to show very well in detail every crease and every fold...if you can take a look at the diagram you'd understand :P...

send me the instructions on how to make the dragon. i understand it's hard i like a good challange.
if you can plz send the instructions for it

I found a link to the diagrams online somewhere, but I won't tell you, both because they might not be legal, and because I don't remember where!

how do u make it.... and where do u get the book but except the internet????????

How do you make it - with much patience and skill. I haven't succeeded yet, although I've attempted it twice (both times stopping after about 8 hours of folding).
Where to get the book except for in the internet - in Japan, maybe at larger origami conventions, I'm not sure where else.

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

I need to know where to get the book online, or the plans!!! I've been searching for two weeks (how long this kid in class said it took him to make it!!!

PLZ halp

I go on the site and it has japan writing. What do i do?

Have you folded the ancient dragon? If you have please tell me how difficult it is.

P.S Is it hard reading origami from a book?

I'm sure you'll have seen my latest two posts: http://www.happyfold... and http://www.happyfold...
Yes it is difficult. I'd rank it on my scale as super-complex. The steps by themselves are of course doable, but you have to work with several layers of paper and this makes folding precisely difficult. It's also why not every paper will work for this model. You need thin, but strong paper to get a nice result.

As to reading diagrams - it depends on your preference. I almost only fold from diagrams, others prefer videos or folding from crease patterns. With practice you get better at reading diagrams, just like with anything in life. The diagramming style also plays an important role. For example, I find Robert Lang's ans Kamiya-san's diagrams to be amongst the clearest. That may also be linked to the necessity of clear instructions for more complex models and their mathematical take on origami.

-- Sara

Ok thanks. By the way your vidoes are awsome!

Sara If its not to long can you make an instruction video. Not forAncient dragon but if its short enough can you do john montrolls three headed dragon?

For months i have been trying to find diagrams for the ancient dragon. could you plz make some diagrams on a pdf file or something.. hi this is sam, im from canada, and i have 7 years of experience with origami, for example i know how to make the zing dragon off by heart. I am very bored and i want a challenge so please make diagrams for the ancient dragon. To see the origami zing dragon go to http://www.zingman.c...

Actually, I've been in contact with John Montroll, and he did give me permission for some videos already.

-- Sara

i wonder what paper kamiya used i used craft paper and iits really thick but looks amazing

Hi my name is Alejandro and I'm from La Paz Bolivia and I was trying to fold the Ancient Dragon but I have problems. Now I can't pass the step 103, but Ithink that I didn't fold well. I don't know if you can upload an instructional video, I know that it's hard because it takes 7-8 hours or more, but I am desperate and frustrated. Here in Bolivia I didn't find somebody who knows about this. My email is Please Help Me.
PD. Sorry if I make many mistakes but here in Bolivia English is not the official language.

Well, I'm out of the country right now, so I cannot check what step 103 is (don't have the book with me). As to making an instructional video, it will not happen. There are several good reasons (length, complexity, requirements to skill and paper choice for the viewer), but the one that rules it out is that Satoshi Kamiya didn't give me permission to do instructional videos on his designs.


-- Sara

Hi , I just manage to complete folding the ancient dragon using the Satoshi Kamiya book, it is extreamly difficult. It took me 5 weeks and 11 sheets of 60"X60" paper, the paper it self plays a very important part in the folding, like Sara states, the paper has to be soft enough and strong enough to with stand the mutiply layer folding. i have been in contact with Satoshi Kamiya for the past year now, he is a great guy, he is planning to have a diagram of the pheniox is his next book, Not the RuyJin dragon though.

If any one needs any help folding the ancient dragon let me know, I can not make any videos of it , but I can guide you step by step if you like.

CDP Folding..

i can inside reverse fold and again on another reverse fold but it doesn't look like step 39

if i wanted step by step insructions, i'd look at my diagrams, why can't you make any videos?

Did you just say Satoshi plans to make Phoenix diagrams? Please tell me a) it's not a lie; b)it's 3.5 as opposed to 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0.

are you going to try to make the divine dragon?

i dont get step 46 do u have any idea for help

Please buy the book if you'd like to get access to the diagrams.

-- Sara

hello everybody i have buy the book "Works of satoshi kamiya" so i want to make the dragon . But in step 24 i have a problem i don't no how it will go can you help me?

When you now the step 24 pls say it in simple english my english is not the best ;D



In step 24, you just open up the edge and squash it to the left using the second crease from the edge. Hope that helped, if anyone else hasn't helped you.

i know this kind of off topic but on step 47 i cannot make the paper look like 48 no matter how many inside reverse folds i make.

If anyone can help me i would appreciate it

umm can u tell me some of the creatures in this book? i relly want to kno if they have a phoenix. plz answer. ty!


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