Jack in a Box (Hugo Pereira): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Action models
Paper ratio: 
1 : 2

Origami Instructions: Jack in a Box (Hugo Pereira)


Yeah, I should have done a retake on that. Try rewatching the sequence in the beginning (starting at 9:12). Other than that, push down the length of the paper, and the corner will probably emerge by itself. Else push on the corner I indicated, so that the section folds down (rather than to the left). If in doubt, always consult the diagrams.

-- Sara

Loved the video. I finished mine yesterday, thanks for the awesome instructions.
P.S. Congrats on your invitations, very unique.

Hi sara
It's great you made this video.
I also like to make the Jack, but I have to know, which paper I can use.
Is it possible to fold The Jack in the box with double tissue?
Thanks for answer.

I'm not sure, I haven't tried yet. The paper might not be stiff enough. I think using tissue foil should work very well, but again, I haven't tried.
You should try not to use too heavy paper. In the video I used standard origami paper (maybe 65 gsm, not sure right now).

-- Sara

Well, that depends on when I find time. Right now I'm too busy to do a video, but I'll try to make some time at the end of next week. No guarantees, though.

-- Sara

when is it going to be? i reallt want to how its made

How big paper do you recommend to use?

I do mention that at the beginning of the video, you know. ;)
Recommended size: 42cm by 21cm // 18 inches by 9 inches

In the video I use paper that is 35 cm by 17.5cm.

-- Sara

I have seen the video but never noticed that thanks!

what size paper did you use for the purple and red model of the jack in a box that you show a picture of in the beginning of the clip please reply i need to know

number 1 sara fan

THANK YOU bye the way ur awsome i have works of satoshi kamiya i wish i can fold the ancient dragon your amazing and do you want the instructions to satoshi kamiyas pheonix all you have to do is reply

Sorry, I am not interested in illegal diagrams.

-- Sara

It's wrapping paper I bought in a store in Germany. I don't know whether it's available online or abroad, sorry.

-- Sara

hi sara its me again you have a video in the other videos tab called jack in a box it was a red and white model and you said you used to soft paper what size paper did you use for it it said 2:1 paper can you give that size to me in centimeters or inches that would really help please reply

I honestly don't know anymore. However, one could guess that the side length of the box in the video was say... 5cm. Then the paper I started with would have had to have the dimensions 30cm by 60cm. I think what you really want to know is which size paper to start with to get a box of a specific size. So: If you want your box to have a side length of x cm, then start with a sheet with the dimensions of 12*x cm by 6*x cm.

-- Sara

can i pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee purchase or have your red and purple jack in a box by hugo perira that you show a picture of before you start the video pleeeeease

Sara plz help. I can't seem to get the sink fold for the lid (022.31). I don't know which layer is meant to go where. I am just stuck. Do you have any suggestions?

Open the paper, so that there's a single layer in the back, the rest of the layers in the front. Then closed-sink. Does this help?

-- Sara

all of your videos are amazing and I have made a lot of origami models in your videos. If it wasn't for your jack in the box origami i wouldn't have the confidence to make other origami models so I would like to say thank you very much for all your hard work.

Where do you find good origami paper that you choose the dimensions of?

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