Triangle Twist: Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Triangle Grid
Basic techniques
Tessellations and Fractals
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Origami Tessellation Basics: Triangle Twist


can you ask eric to allow you to make a video of the open back triangle twist?i have problems with the six project(pinwheel) in eric book.
oh and i was the one who commented on the five and four.i just bought the book and found out how to make it.
so please reply ASAP

I've been meaning to do more of the technique videos, but time has been short, and some other things took priority. In any case, I do have plans to make a video on the open back triangle twist and a couple more techniques.
Also, I need no permission from Eric Gjerde to make these technique videos. I'm sure he'd say yes if I had to, but in general techniques are just techniques and do not "belong" to a specific designer.

-- Sara

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