Origami Essence

Díaz, Román
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L'Atlier du Gresivaudan (October 2009)
April 2010
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Sara please can you contact Roman Diaz to make a video on this awsome fox on the cover? Please I fell in love with it just like you and the cardinal please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi sara i tried to contact whith román díaz but i can't!
seeing you contact him , i ask to you : how?
any e-mail adress?¿
please contact me at xabi.lahidalga@gmai.com

Sorry, I do not pass on contact details. This is true not just for origami designers, but especially for them. If you have a message for Roman Diaz, you can send it to me, and if it is formulated respectfully, I can pass it on to him. Roman Diaz can than choose to respond to that message in his own time.
Sounds reasonable?

-- Sara

hey sara, could you tell me the average beginning paper size this book suggests? and if the paper is fairly large could you tell me what kind of paper is best suited for the more complex ones


If I'm not mistaken, the simpler models have a suggestion of 10 to 15 to 20cm. The more advanced models have a recommendation of 25cm to 40cm, and the most complex model asks for a 50cm square.
The more advanced models I have folded from this book, I always folded from tissue foil, which I bought at origami-shop.com. However, I'm sure you could fold these from other paper, such as normal kami, tant, and - at least the roc - from double tissue. Come to think of it, I actually did use kami (e.g. 35cm squares from origami-shop.com) for the first folds of some of the more advanced models, and also in the video for the vixen.

-- Sara

Is origami-shop in us money or something else because i really want the book Origami Essence

please reply

Origami-shop is based in Europe, so their main currency is Euro. But if you look in the top left corner, you'll see a selector for displaying other currencies. This includes US Dollars.

-- Sara