Eagle (Nguyen Hung Cuong)

Nguyen, Cuong Hung
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

Paper: 48cm square of double tissue, glued together with MC
Finished model: wingspan 22cm, body length 12.5cm

I recently made double tissue for the first time, and this is the first model I folded from that paper. Rudolf (http://www.faltkunst.de) had also challenged me: who would fold this eagle first? One week later, and I'm done. Rudolf, what's your status on the eagle?

It's my first fold of the eagle, and it's not as tidy as I'd like, but I'm happy that I managed to complete it.



This is amazing!! Even thought it's your first try. It looks very complex too, based on the level of detail......great work!! I hope you won the challenge, too :D tee hee

can you please help me on step 57.

Sara which one do you think it's the most complex? The eagle or the ancient dragon ?Both of them look super complex

Hm, I think the Ancient Dragon took me longer to complete. At this level of complexity I'd say time needed is the final, deciding factor. However, I like the eagle much better. :) I guess I'm not the dragon type... While I'm a bit reluctant to fold the ancient dragon a second time, I really want to fold the eagle again - not sure when I'll find the time, though.

-- Sara

please i'm french but i understand english and can you make a tutorial for this origami ?? and can you make a tutorial for the phenix 3.5 by satoshi kamiya please it's beautiful !!! amazing

I fear these models are too complex to be demonstrated in a video. Or, at least, I don't plan to make an instructional video on them. They take hours to fold, and explaining takes many times more than that.

-- Sara

ok thanks it's not important good by see you !!

im trying to buy the book but when im ordering it u have to put in ur credit card number and all but when it says "department" i dont get it. is it like your address or somthing?

Do u know which book or where i can buy instructions for satoshi kamiyas phoenix? its my favourite model & i really want to try & fold it.

As far as I know no diagrams exist for the phoenix. If you're fine with folding from CP, Satoshi Kamiya posted some for version 3.0 and 3.5 here:
http://folders.jp/g/... (Phoenix 3.0)
http://folders.jp/g/... (Phoenix 3.5)

Also, see these forum posts with help on how to fold the phoenix from CP:
http://snkhan.co.uk/... (overview of forum topics)
http://snkhan.co.uk/... (Phoenix 3.0)
http://snkhan.co.uk/... (Phoenix 3.5)

-- Sara

[removed by Sara]

Good luck with this, because I can't follow them, and I still haven't bothered to solve the CP.
By the way, I hope to God this is legal!
Phoenix 3.5 diagrams also exist, but 1) I can't remember where, and 2) I don't need them because I solved the CP for that one anyway.

Sorry, I fear all diagrams you'll find for this online are illegal. :(

-- Sara

Can you seriously fold a model by looking at the crease pattern? e.g the pheonix by Satoshi Kamiya

It's just I can't understand how some people do it based on the cp. I think it's quite incredible:)

I can't understand how people fold from a cp but tadashimori has a tutorial for it

Hi Sara,
I was just wondering if you have folded the Roc by Roman Diaz.
If so, will you put up a picture of it?
Thanks, Joe :)

No, I haven't folded the roc, and to be honest with you not sure I will. I haven't been shy to say that Origami Essence is my favorite origami book thus far, but I do have to admit that the roc is the one model that didn't pick my interest that much.

-- Sara

Look very nice this eagle. I'm trying to fold it myself, but i'm having a little trouble with the diagrams 154, 155 trough 158. I don't really understand which way to fold this part.

Can you help me out on this (close-up pictures perhaps)

many thanks in advance!


Can you please make a video on how to fold the origami cardinal(level 4) by Roman Diaz? My vacations are going on and I would really like to fold it before my vacations end in June after which I would probably have no time to fold anymore. Thanks!!

Hello Sara,
I'm stuck in 75-76th step Eagle (2008) model, where does the side flaps go after step 75? please help me out from this step to 76th step. I'm confused. Please help me at the earliest.

With my time being so short I fear I don't have the time to help with specific steps of models. However, I do recommend posting such questions to an origami forum, e.g. http://snkhan.co.uk/... Plenty of members are happy to help you there, and much more quickly than I could ever achieve.
Hope you understand,

-- Sara

Sara , please , can you help me ? I can't make correctly the steps 83-85 . Where's the point " g " , wich the book doesn't explains ? I always thought the point " g " was at the center of thoose 3,5 squares , at the leg part . Am I right ? And , how about the paper , wich another kinds of paper do you think I can use whenever I don't have money to buy CMC Glue ? Afterall , it's a glue really expensive .

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