Singing Cardinal (Román Díaz): Foil Paper

Diaz, Roman
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

Paper: 24cm square of red/golden foil paper
Model: 13cm length, 8.5cm height, 4.5cm depth


i was wondering how to diagram origami and what software to use.

please reply

p.s. the card. looks GREAT!

you told me how to draw them with inkscape but how do i add pages to it and how to i link it to my site?

why havent you answered?

I'm not really the right person to ask Inkscape questions. I usually create several layers, one or two for each page. Then I print the layers separately, and combine the pdf pages into one pdf with another tool. I don't know whether there's a better way.
As to adding text links, I haven't tried that yet, sorry.

-- Sara

None of the diagrams I created have linked text in them.

-- Sara

You mean <a href="linktothepdf">name of the link</a>?

-- Sara

what is the difference between american foil and japanese foil
i know ja. foil is better than us. foil according to shafer

Sorry, I fear that's a question I can't answer - simply because I don't know the answer.
You could try asking this question in an origami forum, eg.

-- Sara

on step 31 i don't get what it means when it says "wrap the gusset around the corner."i know what a gusset means, but i dont get how to complete the step.

In this step you need to wrap around a layer. So the paper that is in the front will then be in the inside of the model. For this step you have to open the model a bit to enable the paper to move in that fashion.
Have you done a wrap around / wrap behind before? If not, you may wan to practice it first before attempting it on that model. Also see: http://www.happyfold...

-- Sara

This site is so awesome. I remember seeing some kids making art out of paper back in elementary school, however I never knew it could be as intricate as this! Was it hard to learn? This would be a great hobby to do in my free time.

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