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Hey Sara could you make a small video to see how you make your videos? Or if you can't make a video just answer please??????

Hey Sara sorry for putting the question here but i don't have an youtube acount and my question is : What's your favourite kind of paper?

Another person asked, "What's your favourite kind of paper?" I'd like to add, and where do you get it? I have a hard time finding the perfect paper that's strong and think enough not to rip at stress points and yet thin enough so that there's not a ton of bulky paper affecting the aesthetics of the finished model. What techniques do you use with the paper to make it foldable yet firm and "set" when the model is finished? Do you use those techniques at the very beginning before you ever put a crease into the paper or do you use those techniques as you fold (ex. wet-folding and how to do it properly if it's a technique that you use and how often).

Thank you so much for this amazing website!!!

i know what it is its foil paper she makes using foil and 2 sheets of tissue paper

i have been doing origami longer then you and im still leaarning from you and i want to know is doing origami a job you have and you get aid or do you have a day job and oyu do thisen you whhave free time or what


I have been introduced to Origami by a friend of mine at work. I've read you stumbled upon Origami on Christmas of 2005. I'd like to know the circumstances... did a friend or a family member showed you something related to Origami or how did it happen? What was the very first module you have ever folded?


Patrick E.

Can u please make a video of ancient dragon by satoshi kamyia? I love the model but I have never found a proper diagram or video of it.

Sorry, no. I've neither got permission from Satoshi Kamiya, nor is the model of adequate complexity to demonstrate in a video.

-- Sara

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