Vixen (Román Díaz): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Origami Instructions: vixen / fox (Román Díaz)

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Recommended paper: 24 cm (9.5in) square of white/brown kami
Resulting model: fox with a height of 10cm, width of 13cm, depth of 2.5cm (4 in by 5 in by 1 in)


Hey sara, I was wondering if the book was able to purchase anywhere in the USA.

Please respond,

ok, I have one more question. Would you think it is possible to fold one with large printing paper. I folded satoshi's pegasus with it but it was just a little thick. And, do you know any american sites that sell washi, large origami paper or kami and stuff.

Thanks again,

Hi Kyle,

check these US online stores for origami paper:


I'm sure there's more, but this should get you started.
As to folding the model from printing paper, yes, it's possible. I'd probably recommend you color one side, though, because the color changes do give extra life to this model. Also, the paper will be a bit smaller than I recommend, and probably a bit thicker, too. This will make it more challenging to fold the model.

-- Sara

Hi Sara I was wondering what the cheapest option is to buy paper if I live in New Zealand
Also I am really liking your work, keep it up


I have no idea, to be honest with you. Probably the cheapest option to buy paper is to go to a local store and just by some printing paper. That of course doesn't give you quality paper. :)
Seriously, the price of the paper not only depends on the location, but also the quality of paper you want, and often how much of it you are willing to buy.
My advice is to check one of your local paper stores and check what they have in stock. Then at least you don't need to pay for postage, although you'll probably have to live with cutting the paper to the right size/squares. I do that most of the time in any case, but it's worth mentioning.

-- Sara

I've just gone to Whitcoulls (the local stationary store) and bought some double coloured wrapping paper (red and gold solid) and at the price of $5 which is extremely cheap, I am so impressed with it. The paper colours are like on your Singing Cardinal (Román Díaz) and am dying to fold something with it.


PS. Thank you so much for the suggestion of buying it from a local store.

I have a great idea for your next video! I think the dragon in flight will be a cool one.(charles esseltine) PLEASE RESPOND,

Somebody has already done a video on Charles Esseltine's "Dragon in Flight", so I see no great need for me to do one.

-- Sara

okay, will you make a tutorial on something simple by kamiya satoshi PLEASE RESPOND

Hi Kyle,

I fear I was not able to secure permission to show any of Satoshi Kamiya's models. I respect his wish, so I'll not be doing any instructional videos on his work.

-- Sara

What ever happened to the video you were going to do on Llopo's Moment of Truth.
I have been waiting a very long time for it and have began to wonder if you may have forgotten it......I Have been checking constantly in the plans area of this site to see if you have a high priorty to do it or not. I guess not though.If I'm coming off a little rude I apoligize. But you have been promising that tutorial for a very long time. I feel teased.

-Nathan Miranda long time happyfolder

I was meaning to do it this month, but got too excited about doing the vixen. Llopio's Moment of Truth will be a challenge to show nicely in a video. I've already worked a bit on finding a nice folding sequence, but am not happy yet. I won't promise you that it'll be the next video, but I do want to get it done in the next 3 months.

-- Sara

I just finished vixen. Since I don't have large paper on the moment I attempted with 15x15cm. It's a bit harder to work with, but not impossible. You just need some more patience (small fingers also help).
Lovely model with some complicated steps. Your video helped me through them.
I am looking forward to your next model.


Well done on finishing the vixen with such small paper on your first try!

-- Sara

Thank you for the reassurance about the video and I see why you were so excited to make a video about the Vixen. So thank you!


can u make a video of the ancient dragon from kamiya satoshi

No. Satoshi Kamiya asked me not to post any instructional videos on his models, and I respect that. Irrespective of that: I will not make videos on super-complex models. They take hours to fold (let alone explain), and need expertise in folding, paper selection, etc. I do not thing a video is the right format for that, and definitely not YouTube.

-- Sara

So Sara will be the Llopio's moment of truth your next video?

That's a definite maybe, with a probability of over 50%. :)

-- Sara

wat is ur fav origami :D? i like this model and its pretty awesome 2 so ty!

Sara,can you please post a video on how to fold the origami biplane by Marc Kirschenbaum.
BTW,folding the vixen was great fun and the outcome is wonderful.

I've actually never folded that model to the end (although I do think I've started folding it 2 or 3 times). So don't get your hopes up. I haven't been in contact with Marc Kirschenbaum re permission, either.

-- Sara

Sara, I am stuck at step 44 of the singing cardinal by Roman Diaz.Will you please help me. Thank you.

You need to outside reverse fold each section separately. Actually, I'm not sure it's really separately. I prefer folding them all at the same time, but the layers will be separated. So you'll have some zig-zag folds that go across the whole width of the claw, and valleys and mountains that run along the length. Does this help?

-- Sara

Thank you Sara, that really helped

when are you going to post the video? i am almost dying for it
oh by the way video is awesome

I'm not sure yet. Life is insanely busy right now. I'm also travelling from tomorrow on, and I can't make a video until I'm back. I'll *try* to make a video at the end of the month, but I'm not sure yet whether it will work out.

-- Sara

um... ive got a convention question... where is your convention video? i would ask on youtube but my account will not let me comment or post


Interesting, it seems that the dotted-lines appear instantly where she folds the paper. Is it a video montage or that's a specific origami paper that has this property?

Ah, if you watch closely I'm sure you'll see where I cut the video. It's just a matter of removing the section where I actually draw in the lines. I try to place my hands in a similar position after that to make the cut almost disappear, but it doesn't always work out that great. ;)
In any case, yeah, it's some work to do, but I like the effect.

-- Sara

You mean like folding something for every guest that's coming to our wedding celebration? It'd be unwise to do something like that, given how busy I am - really unwise!
So, apart from my small wedding project, which I'll mostly be doing on flight back from the US (first part done on the way here), I don't really have time to do origami (or anything else, at that). The next bit of time I will spend on origami will be devoted to a video. If I'm not too jet-lagged that'd be this weekend, with the potential of getting a video out in the last days of July or beginning of August.

-- Sara

I read your article on donating paper, so if I send you origami tissue paper, you'll help me fold an origami ring-tailed lemur?
Sorry if that sounds stupid, I'm only 7.

Ah, I probably have enough paper by now, to be quite honest with you. I've been buying so much paper lately!
What do you mean by "help you fold an origami ring-tailed lemur"? If you have questions on the diagrams, you can ask. You'll probably get more responses and faster if you post those questions in an origami forum, e.g. rather than asking on this website or in an email to me. That's not linked to sending me paper at all.

-- Sara

Hi Sara!

Thank you for all the videos you have done lately. But if you have time could you please post a video on the Ring-tailed Lemur?


I fear I don't have any plans right now to demonstrate how to fold that model in a video. The reason is that the book is still quite new, and I don't want to endanger the book sales -- I'd actually like to promote it. Roman Diaz put a lot of time and effort into the book, and I think it'd be a shame if he didn't get some revenue out of it.

-- Sara

hey sara, I love this video, i also want to by the book, i went to but i didnt know how can you please tell me. one more question, is it delivered to US only or any country in the world.

You can put the book into your cart at the corresponding product page on ("buy now"). Then "finish your order" - you'll see that it asks for the country of delivery, they deliver worldwide.
By the way, if you're a non-European customer you should create an account and log in. Then you'll see the prices you'll actually have to pay right away. These are by up to 19.6% lower, because you don't have to pay European taxes. (You can also change the currency displayed in the top left corner if Euros make little sense to you.)

-- Sara

thanks, i will also order some papers but can i change th colors if i dont like them, if so, how?

If you buy a pack of paper with mixed colors, no you won't be able to send back some colors and request others.
If you like specific colors you can check whether there are packs with that color only, or with only a small selection of colors.
If you're into coloring paper yourself, you can do that. Then it's probably good to buy light colors. I've heard that wood stain is very good for coloring paper, but of course those only come in specific colors, too. Other colors work, too, but I'm not the person to ask about this - I haven't tried this myself yet.

-- Sara

hi i was wonderin if anyone could suggest a place or site to buy large paper. im not looking for anything fancy just lik a plain color or somethin (large quanities of the paper if possible). also, could someone tell me if wrapping paper really is fine for folding? one more question, could someon suggest a good book for for to me buy? i am around an intermediate to high intermediate level(i sometimes acccomplish complex models) the running car and the man swatter http://www.giladorig... , both by jeremy schafer, are the hardest things i have ever made.

thank you!, dave

You can get large paper at They have high-quality paper, but also relatively plain paper. They ship worldwide, depending on where you live there may also be a local source, though.
I have folded quite a bit with wrapping paper, but not all wrapping paper is suitable for origami. To me more exact, most wrapping paper is really bad for origami. But some of it is just about right. Finding out which qualities to look for is something you'll learn from trial and error. General guidelines are:
1. Don't go for soft paper.
2. Don't go for plasticy-feeling paper.
3. If possible, make a small fold at one of the corners to check how it takes creases.

As to books, it really depends what subjects you're interested in. You can see which books I own at http://www.happyfold...

-- Sara


where can i get kami paper from

Kami is probably the most widely available origami paper out there. I'd assume just about any shop that sells origami paper will also sell kami. It's often simply called "origami paper".
Eg. has kami:
The discovery pack includes one sheet of kami, the other stuff is different. All other packs are kami throughout.

-- Sara

Just curious. How many folds are in this model?


I don't know. But I guess if you want to know, you can watch the video and count. ;)

-- Sara

Could u please make an instructional video on wet folding (a model) and an instructional video on how to use MC on a model to give a complete (wet folding) look.

I wasted a perfectly good piece of kami on this. I can't even see what you're doing in this video. I wasted two hours of my life and came out with a brown ball.

Im having troubles at 28:46, I don't think I have this zig-zag of creases you're talking about. Though im sure I didn't skip any step or fold earlier, what do I do?

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