Mermaid (Eric Joisel)

Joisel, Eric
Joisel, Eric
Model type: 
Sea Life


Your mermaid is exquisite. I cannot imagine how long it took you to make this design. I am amazed at how graceful she appears and yet there is a sense of serenity about her, a sense of fluidity that just takes my breath away. I have enjoy both seeing and doing orgami but not on this scale. Thank you.

The design and fold are by Eric Joisel, a renowned French origami artist. I agree that it is a wonderful model. I fear that my skills aren't even close to good enough to achieve something of the like.

Do you know anyone who ALSO does mermaids? I'm sorry to hear about Eric's death, I've tried to find a set of diagrams or even a video but all I found was a video that skipped over several parts from beginning to end. My email is:

joisels models are all beautiful and amazing. everytime i see a new model of his i am blown away by its complexity and beauty.
i am nowhere near good enogh to fold a model like this one but does joisel have any books of some of his simpler models?
thank you.

Eric Joisel has done some diagrams and published them here and there. As far as I know he hasn't done his own book. For a list of some of his publications, check - but always remember that the art in his pieces is the final shaping. That is what makes them so unique (literally).
I know that Eric has done BOS Booklets, as well as published diagrams in some BOS magazines. Unfortunately, the online shop of the British Origami Society has been down for several months now.
On this site's diagrams section instructions for his rat are available, and I also made a video on how to fold it.

Hope this helps you a bit,

-- Sara

I love all Eric joisel's designs. can you make some more instructional videos of his models, i would really love to learn how to fold some of these breath taking models

Multiple diagrams were posted on his website:
It is important to remember, though, that Eric was a true artist, and his work cannot be reproduced, all his pieces were unique. Many of his masterpieces started with a base that doesn't look like much, and were transformed to amazing pieces of art through his sculpting techniques.

As to more videos, I'll have to wait and see. I didn't want to contact his family right after regarding permission out of respect and not wanting to disturb them with such queries while they were mourning - but with time I think I will get in touch with them.

-- Sara

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