Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi): Instructions with Improved Assembly

Adams, Sara
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Action models
12 units
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Origami Fireworks by Yami Yamauchi: Improved Assembly


i realy couldnt understand the method for locking the modules. could you give me some tips?

Still can't keep them together...I've tried almost everyone of your videos and presonally I think they suck. Your not clear enough AT ALL.

I'd rather go to At least they're clear on their instructions.

Dear Sara,
I came across the video for the Fireworks on You Tube and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your explanations. You voice is clear and soothing. Your explanations are very clear and the language/terms you use make the explanations easy to follow and execute. I became an Origamist only four years ago and also am cutting Origamic Architecture. Can't believe I didn't discover You Tube earlier....
Looking forward to spend more time with ALL your videos.
Dr. Gillat

The video was excellent. The folding of the module was easy after a couple of views, and though i messed up the assembly the first time I still got a working model. Only when I made one with multiple colors did I realize exactly how it was meant to be done, and a couple of more views made it clear.

I'm happily churning out fireworks. Thanks a bunch!

hi sara, could you please help me? i just cant attach those last 2 modules! your so good, you make it look like childs play! no matter what type of origami paper i use i just cant connect them! every time i try, i either get sososososo close, or it will just fall apart! i dont know if i'm doing something wrong or not but i am definatly doing what you said and it just doesnt work.

I love all of ur origami vids u explain them so well and i made the fireworks thank u.

I must say you your how-to videos are so clear they have saved me from hours of frustration. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Thanks very much for making it so clear! the lines makes it easier to understand!
keep doing these wonderful videos!

I luv your voice! What nationality are you?

because my english is not very good.

1) Wie lange machst du schon Origami?
2) Kannst du alles, was du in den Videos gezeigt hast, auswendig?

1. Ich habe Dezember 2005 mit Origami angefangen. Ich bin jetzt also gute 5 Jahre dabei.
2. Nein, definitiv nicht. :)

(In English:
1. I started with origami in December 2005, so I've been at it a bit over 5 years now.
2. No, I don't know all the models I demonstrate by heart.

-- Sara

thank you so much i can finally lock the firework keep making videos they don't suck your awesome at them!!!!!!!!:3

lock? i dont understand that part
and also do u have any tips on how to keep them from falling apart? when i try to connect the first and last one it breacks apart.

Thank you for a great video-this way of connecting the model and locking them is so much easier! Don't listen to rude, ignorant comments! You did a great job and it is very helpful! Hope you continue.

Is there 12 modules? 6 of white and 6 colored or 12 white and 12 colored?Please answer!I have been looking for good firework instructions for years and I finally get it ..except how many modules is it. :)

I apologise if this was already mentioned and I missed it, but could you please mention the size of the squares you start with and also the size of the finished model? Thanks so much!

It doesnt really matter just it has to be the same size of square if you want a bigger firework bigger squares

Thanks for the reply! In case anyone is wondering, I tried it out and the diameter of the the final model is the same as the side of the square you begin with. So if your square has a side of 15cm, the diameter of the final model is also approximately 15 cm

Thank you so much for clear instructions - really great work and inspiring. I finally
was able to make a completed origami firework!

i made it! your instructions were so easy to follow, and it was a really fun project to do, with a great outcome! awesome!

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