Pentagon from a Square: Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Basic techniques
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Origami Basics: Cut a Pentagon from a Square


Can't you also make a decagon the same way, only cutting it at a different angle?

Sure. One way to get a decagon is to fold just like for the pentagon. Then, before cutting, fold the angle in half one more time. Then again cut along the edge of top-most layer again.

-- Sara

I didn't knew pentagon was possible.
can you do octagon to?
p.s.- by the way, when will Llopio thingie come out?

i loved this method to get a pentagon out of a square. do you know if this is the largest pentagon possible? just curious...

Hi Sara, I'm writing a little origami book for Scouts. It includes a method for folding a pentagon from a square, but your method is much better! Can you tell me whose method this is please? I would like to include it in my book, so I would like to mention the discoverer/author, and also ask their permission if possible.

Thanks for this video, Sara!
I've been in love with a lilly made from a pentagon and have been folding it for several years now, but I work with all kinds of papers/recycled, etc, and it's been so hard to create the pentagon each time. This is so easy and simple. (I found it here: http://anu-origami.b..., but couldn't thank them for linking to you without signing up).
Thanks for your great site!

Hi Sara
Thanks for this short and crisp video.
As a child I had learnt this but forgotten. Your video helped immensely.
And I really liked the way you explained the fifths!
Aarti Srivastav

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