Snowflake (Dennis Walker): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Tessellations and Fractals
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Christmas Origami Instructions: Snowflake (Dennis Walker)

Why not make your own winter or Christmas decoration? Use tracing paper and put these beautiful snowflakes on your windows - you'll be surprised how wonderful it looks when the sun shines through the paper!



Please do continue providing instuctional videos. I really find it easy to follow along.
As a side point I watched your Lang cuckoo video and the time it took you. Well it took me 7mo's for his first version. I mention this as credit to you. Again keep up the good work.


Thanks for your instructional videos. I just followed your snowflake and hexagon. You are a great teacher and the markings on your paper really help to see where to fold. Please keep making origami instructional videos.

Hi - I haven't folded much, but thought this snowflake was beautiful. You did a bang up job in the video. I just had to stop it a couple of times to keep up with you! Thank you, Sara Adams! And Merry Christmas

Thank you for your very clear directions for the snowflake! I had been totally frustrated by some of the steps in Dennis' PDF illustrations, but your detailed approach simplified things considerably, and I was finally able to complete it after a pleasant twenty minutes with your video. Merry Christmas and slainte!

while watching the dennis walker video, it freezes up at different steps. I have made it to the next to the last step which is ear-marked 14.36 says I'm almost done.. what do I do now?????????

Try viewing the video on another day. Or try downloading it (there are tools out there) and then watching it on your computer.

Hopefully one of those helps,

-- Sara

I'm really sad I can't get the video to work on here or youtube, I have my paper ready and everything!

I have made a template for the hexagon to start it. My problem is every time I try to cut the tissue paper to the shape, the paper crinkles and tears. I am using a utility knife to cut the tissue paper. What else can I use to cut the tissue paper so that it will not tear.

What kind of ruler are you using? I recommend using a steel ruler. Be sure to press it on the paper, so that the paper cannot shift while cutting. Also, be sure to use a sharp blade. Else the paper can crinkle and rip.

-- Sara

Hi Sara!

What kind of paper do you use for the shiny snowflake?


I guess I did not watch the video first... What kind of store would sell tracing paper?


Any artist's store should, but also most stationeries. You can look for tracing paper or glassine or pergamyn. Or check for bread wrap in your supermarket. :) That should work well, too.

-- Sara

I have just made myfirst origami snowflake from tracing paper and it looks fantastic! Your video was so easy to follow (my 6 year old daughter was entranced). I plan to make lots more and hopefully next year will use them as decorations and christmas cards/presents for friends. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

I've wanted to make this model for a while but I've never found instructions I thought I could follow successfully. You are very methodical and detailed and easy to follow. Thanks so much.

This is a fabulous tutorial! Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. Thank you very much!

May I recommend folding the snowflake in plain old semi-translucent white baker's parchment paper. (Buy a roll at any grocery store next to the aluminum foil.)

It shows the inner folds beautifully when you hang it in the sun. Glassine was not quite stiff enough to stay crisp through all the folds.

Your instructions are so helpful.
I could never have figured out this fold without the video.
Many thanks for making it.

Once again enjoying this model. I particularly love doing the snowflake in waxed translucent it is kaelidoscopic looking in from the back side of the model.

it was slow im not a baby at this half of the vid could have been sped up... but other than than it was a good vid

Hi, When I go to the link for the diagram for this snowflake I can only get the first page the second page is no longer available. It gives me an error page. Is there any way I can get the second page of the diagram?

The link to the second page works for me. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache? Or loading the link while pressing the shift key?

-- Sara

This was amazing!! The way you explained all the steps made the snowflake so easy to make!!

your video is wonderfull and very simple
i made it with golden tissue paper to put on the top of my christmas tree
it is a bit more difficult because the paper is very thin
but the result is lovely
than you very much

Making some changes to the Christmas tree in the way you mentioned in the video was really awesome. My neighbors too agree that the Christmas tree looks wonderful by adding up these paper works. It gives a new dimension to the Christmas tree.

Por favor continúe proporcionando videos instrucional. Me resulta realmente fácil de seguir. Como punto de lado vi tu video de cuco Lang y el tiempo que se le. Bien me tomó 7mo para su primera versión. Menciono esto como crédito a usted. Otra vez de mantener el buen trabajo.

I enjoyed this one so much, I am now hooked on origami. I especially love tessellations. Thank You so much for all your time you spend doing this

This video was so helpful -- thank you! so much for making it. I had worked out the early stages of this snowflake from a diagram, but couldn't figure out the last parts. This video showed exactly what I needed to do. Thank you! again.

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