Pelleas Box (Peter Keller): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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Christmas Origami Instructions: Pelleas Box (Peter Keller)

Paper used in this video: A4 sheet of printer paper (29.7cm by 21.0cm // 11.7 in by 8 1/4 in)
Finished model: diameter of 9.5cm (3 3/4 in), height of 4cm (1 1/2 in)


I love the Pelleas box and intend to make it my next project. I was wondering if you could say more about the paper in the models you showed as samples. They are very beautiful. Also, I have seen a European kraft or wrapping paper used in videos which is colored on one side and brown on the other. Do you know if there is a website where this type of paper is available to people in the United States?
I want to thank you for all the information you provide about using tools and making more exact folds so the project will be balanced.

Hi Janice,
I used Elephant Hide that I colored with acrylics. You may find this video helpful, where I show the same technique on printer paper: http://www.happyfold...
I looked around a bit a while ago to find sources of the Kraft paper you're talking about. Th se are the sources I found: (someone I pointed out this resource to bought the paper and has enjoyed folding with it - especially the Hydrangea Ribbon Box)
http://www.origamish... (might be thicker than what I usually get, as it's marked 110gsm)
They're more expensive than what I'd find here, but then again, this kind of Kraft paper is *very* common in Germany.

Best wishes and happy folding,

-- Sara

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