Acrylic Paint on Printer Paper

Adams, Sara
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Origami Paper Instructions: Acrylic Paint on Printer Paper

Materials used in this video:

  • Printer paper
  • Acrylic paint (ultramarine, violet, metallic gold) (buy at Amazon: 24 assorted colors, 4 metallic colors)
  • Water, sponges, painter's tape, old cutting mat, heat tool, iron

Folded model: Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly by Michael LaFosse
This video describes how to color printer paper with acrylic paint to enhance the look of your origami models. Give it a go - it's much easier than you might think and so much fun!


I did the same technique before I saw the video, and it turned out not too bad. I used Americana brand blue and green, Anita's brand silver, and a tiny bit of FolkArt brand orange. I highly recommend them! The paper I used was printer paper. I mixed equal parts of the blue, green, and silver together, painted it on, and put an equal coat of a very little bit of orange on, to make it look like painted wood. I folded it into the Rhombic Flowers tesselation, then kind of exploded it to make it look like stylized crowded buildings. I am very happy with the result.


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