Happiness in Love (Andrey Lukyanov): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Mother's Day
8 units
Valentine's Day
Paper ratio: 
1 : 2

Valentine's Day Origami Instructions: Happiness in Love (Andrey Lukyanov)

Paper used in this video: 8 sheets of kami, 15cm by 7.5cm (6in by 3in)
Finished model: diameter of about 11cm (4.5in)

I think this circle of hearts is just about perfect for Valentine's Day!


I wrote this comment the day after this video was released. I'm only 11 yrs old. This is my 1st valentine's

this is such a nice model and u showed it very nicely and clearly. i absolutely love your vids. can you reccomend any model i could make. i am a intermediate/expert folder. any models would be appreciated. thanks

a boss.

hi please send for me modular diagerams modular and modular swams because i need and i like origami very much thank you

Wow this is wonderful. It looks very marvelous in the colors that used in construction of it , the gold was very highlighting. This is an apt gift and an economical gift to your valentine. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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