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Adams, Sara
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Easter Origami Instructions: Rabbit (Jun Maekawa)

There's a new, better video available here!

Try folding this cute rabbit / bunny model as an Easter decoration!

Paper used in this video: 15cm square of kami (6in by 6in)
Finished model: approx. 6.25cm (2.5in) high, 6cm (2 1/4in) wide, 2.5cm (1in) deep


Hallo Sara,
wieder einmal vielen Dank für ein wunderbares Video!
Da macht mir Origami noch mehr Spass!!
Alles Gute für Dich und Dein Baby!

This is terrible. The quality of your camera is awful. Please make a new video that is slower because this is way to fast.

I recently bought a new camera, so future videos (starting with the May 2012 video) will have much better recording quality. As to the speed of the instructions, I am sorry to hear you found it too fast-paced. I do try to find the right speed and level of detail, but obviously it's hard to hit the mark for everyone. May I ask whether you are quite new to origami? While this is not a super-hard model for advanced folders, it definitely has some tricky steps in there for beginners. But I had hoped to have explained them in enough detail for viewers to follow along. I do assume that viewers will pause the video or rewatch steps, by the way. That's the advantage of a video. :)

-- Sara

Wow! What a rude and ungrateful person you are. If you are going to be so rude and critical don't look for FREE help from others who are just trying to be helpful.

The quality was perfectly fine. It's origami. There's no reason why you need something like this in HD quality or detail. Plus, if you don't know how to pause or rewind, you probably shouldn't be doing origami. You need to walk before you run.

I followed this easily and I haven't made origami since I was a kid (I'm now nearly 30). Was happy when my bunny could stand just like yours!

ya sir you're right . sara adams has been my favourite since i was 8 years old (now i'm 11!). origami is a art which everyone is not capable of.

if you found it too hard, you should have chosen something easier.
keep the bad comments to yourself

I don't think you are that that is true. I didn't had any problems with the view and if it's going to fast for you then you can just pause the video.

You could try using the free VLC player (videolan.org,) and slow the playback speed to something like 90% or 80%, or whatever.

Thank you. It will take me some practice but I think I will be able to make the bunny.
Pay no attention to the rude comment. Your instruction was fine.

Sara, thanks for posting this video, I've just made one. I wouldn't worry too much about the negative comment - anyone like yourself helping people to learn new models should be appreciated! The only fold that took me a while to figure out was at 16:15 (I think you need to open the paper slightly from behind). Cheers.

thanks for posting, great video, great explanation. i enjoyed it thoroughly. :) have a happy easter!

I found the video very easy to understand. the speed was fine for me.

Thank you very much for the post. I just made this model, it took me 2 evenings and several tries, but that was me not the video (I thought the video was perfectly fine). My model is still not as pretty as yours, but that just means that I have to keep practicing.

this is the only origami bunny that looks like my pet bunny and i could get hold of it anywhere else, it is hard for me to understand but thats my problem because i am only a beginner, i am going to carry on with this bunny because i am only half way through it, that nasty comment wasnt needed but its their choice to post it, keep up the good work! thanks! - Annie

I really like the model, but I could NOT follow on the hind legs. I've watched it over and over, and I still can't really get what to do. Other than that, I found it very easy to follow :)

I DON'T UNDERSTAND 5:18-5:25 it's hard to understand that part!!!! I really wanted to make a bunny for my friend cuz she loves bunnies but know I have to make a cheap one :(

I'm making suggestions here, please don't call them "rude" or "mean" or whatever. Just suggestions.
I wish that you would, maybe, keep your arms and hands out of the way a litlle, as it is a bit hard to see through them. :)
I also was wondering if you could, at the end of each step, take your hands away so we can see what it looks like and make sure we did it right.
Again, these are just suggestions and I would like it to be noticed, but they don't have to be used. Thank you. :D

yes, those are my same suggestions for the demonstrator,,,,,,,,,,,,

I've made it for the first time , but when I tried to make another one .... I couldn't T_____T

PLEASE PLEASE do post some higher quality video, this is very hard to follow the folding details with some bad quality video :(
It's not good for the eyes, it's not good for nerves neither!
Anyway, you are making a wonderful job, good explanations, which deserve to be in a HIGH QUALITY VIDEO :)
Thank you,

Adoré el conejo, no es facil ni dificil, lo que pasa es que no es para iniciantes y cdo. NO se entiende se retrocede, ahora para
Hacer origami se necesita mucha paciencia y perceverar hasta que logremos nuestro objetivo. Las personas que no tienen base nunca podrán realizar este conejo pues requiere base y práctica. Suerte sigan intentando

I can't get the hind legs right >_<

This is worse than a rage game! It's too hard to follow because your f...ing hands cover this f...ing paper all the time! AAAARGH! >_<

Thanks for sharing the tutorial for making this super sweet bunny! I made one out of pink paper and it's almost too cute. ;) I think you demonstrate everything well, but I too would like to see HQ videos in the future – if possible. HQ quality camcorders must be expensive, though, and this is probably your hobby so I understand if that is an investment you're not willing to make. The part that I found the most puzzling was the "invisible fold" that starts at about 00:10:00.

^__^ Ah, the sense of accomplishment when you finish your first try of a new model!

i can't fold the rabbit . please update the rabbit

Origami is an ancient art. It takes patience and practice. There is nothing wrong with the video. I suspect those of you that are whining are used to instant gratification and being told you are good at everything.

Hey, Sara! It's always a pleasure watching your videos! Thank you for this fantastic and well-explained tutorial of this very cute rabbit! And also, Could you please tell me how can I contact Jun Maekawa? I want to have permission to make a tutorial on YouTube but I can't find a way to contact him. Please help me. :-)

Absolutely adorable! Thank you! I wish I could include a pic bit I'm not that tech savvy hah.

Thank you for the tutorial. It took me forever to make the bunny, but the problem was on my side not on your tutorial. Thanks Sara

Generell ist das Video gut, nur meiner Meinung nach zu schnell. Ab 7:20 Minuten komme ich nicht mehr mir, ich habe es mir bestimmt schon sieben mal angesehen, doch mache immer etwas falsch.

...pour ce beau petit lapin que je fais blanc en hommage à Lewis, Alice et Grace. Il est beau comme tout, a une belle allure ronde mais dynamique comme un vrai lapin et tient vraiment debout. C'est une vraie réussite. Alors donc merci...

a tutorial is supposed to be a teaching experience...there are beginners and advanced learners watching ---please try to slow down and keep hands/fingers out of the way after each fold..we like to see what you just did.

it was a little fast for me ( but thats probobly because im eleven ) but it was worth making.

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