Star Felix (Carmen Sprung)

Sprung, Carmen
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

Paper: 7 sheets of 7.5cm (3in) kami
Model: 10.5cm (4in) diameter, 2cm (3/4in) depth

Coincidence or fate, shortly before Felix was born Carmen designed this star and named it "Stern Felix". When she heard that we'd called our son Felix, she dedicated this star to him. I feel very honored!
I also immediately knew this would be the first model I'd fold after Felix's birth. Today - exactly 4 weeks after Felix's birth - was that day.
I have a very special fondness for this model already. It's beautiful in itself, but I'll always think of my little Felix when I see this star. And that, as you will surely understand, raises the beauty to a totally different level for me.
Thank you, Carmen, for another fantastic star, and for giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside!


This is truly a devine and peaceful model. Sara, I think your photo even adds more serenity to it, and your telling about your little Felix adds such warmth to it. My baby is almost 6 months. Your website and origami have given me so much joy during my "retirement time" during preganancy and my first 6 months with my little one. Thank you so much and do keep up the good work.
All the best for you and your baby.

Hi Sara, Do you think Carmen will give you the permission to make a instruction vedio of this? (I hope yes!)

I'm not sure what Carmen's plans for this star are. But I have asked whether/where she plans to publish diagrams, and whether she'd be happy for me to do a video on it (perhaps after the diagrams are published).

-- Sara

It took me ages to extrapolate the folds in this. I was up all night.

But it is very beautiful and well done.

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