New diagrams by Joseph Fleming

It's a pleasure to let you know that there are four new diagrams available on happyfolding - a key, a shrimp, a quaver, and "setting sail" - a sailboat with waves - all by Joseph Fleming. You can download the diagrams from Enjoy!


some pages of the key diagrams seem to be incomplete.
The other three are ok.
Anyway, these are nice models. Thank you for sharing.

Could I ask what parts seem incomplete? I could try and explain in writing, but I don't have any of the original files to edit for you, sorry.

Downloading gives a 5 page pdf
document. Page 1 shows 6 complete
diagrams. Page 2 shows 2 complete
diagrams and 2 obviously incomplete
ones. Only some zoom in markings
are visible. Same thing on pages 3 and
4. Only zoom markings visible. On page
5 are again 2 complete diagrams.
From looking at the final I can guess
easily the missing steps. Of course
it would be nice to have
complete diagrams, and perhaps
some other people experience
the same difficulties as me.
Thanks a lot for your interest.

I'm sorry, this diagram has always been acting up on me. It also might have to do with Sara kindly editing it to include my name. If you'd like I can send you the original diagram through mail. Sometimes a different medium changes the way a pdf is read, as I've come to find.

Yes, I really would like to receive the diagrams by e-mail.

At least. there is a chance that it works.

Hi Klaus,

over the weekend I redrew the diagrams. I've already sent them to Joseph for reviewing, but will also send them to you. If they're ok, I'll put them online for everyone else, too.


-- Sara

hi, friend. I don’t know if this website is still in use. I hope to be able to contact joseph fleming here. and i have a news about his work "Setting Sail", I hope to re-draw the diagram for this work

Hi there,

if you email me, I can try and forward your message to Joseph.

-- Sara

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