Whirlpool Spiral 4|10|10 (Tomoko Fuse)

Fuse, Tomoko
Adams, Sara
Model type: 
Review of the paper used: 

Paper: irregular shape cut from Elephant Hide, approx. 26.3cm long, 19cm wide
Model: diameter of 7.2cm, when pressed flat 3mm high (expanded about 5.5cm)


I love your choice of paper for this design. This book definitely looks interesting... thanks for pointing out the source, too. Will definitely look into getting my hands on a copy. :-)

Ah, thanks. :) We'll see when I find the time to fold another one of these whirlpool spirals. My fingers are itching already. We've got a longer train trip ahead of us next week, perhaps that'll give me the chance. Keeping my fingers crossed!

-- Sara

Hi Sara,
Thank you for your tutorials! I have purchased this beautiful book a couple of months ago, and when I got to whirlpool spirals I started figuring out (a) what shape should the initial sheet of paper be (b) how can I build the Crease Patterns? After failing to understand, I gave up and started looking in the internet for solutions, and bumped into your videos. So, I understand that it's not sufficient to have a sheet of paper, but one would also need at least either a goniometre or the software you mentioned. Is that correct? Tomoko Fuse should have mentioned that in the book :)

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