Inkscape Tutorial: Drawing Origami Crease Patterns for Whirlpool Spirals

Adams, Sara
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Inkscape Tutorial: Drawing Origami Crease Patterns for Whirlpool Spirals

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I was really pleased to see how excited people were about "Spiral: Origami | Art | Design" by Tomoko Fuse when I posted my video "review". That's why I decided to produce an additional video.

It's a guide on how to draw the crease patterns for whirlpool spirals (and coil folds) with the method introduced in the book. While the book explains the construction and gives angles etc., I figured not everyone would know good ways of simplifying the actual drawing process. Hence this video.

So yes, it's probably a video that only makes sense if you have the book, but hopefully it will be a very helpful video for all those that do have or get it.

And to those that don't have the book: You can download the example crease pattern I drew in the video. So you'll be able to fold at least one whirlpool spiral to get a taste of what they're like. :)

P.S. It was easier to record this video than to make an instructional video for the navel shell, as it was only 15 minutes of recording. I also recorded it before the voting (on which model I'd do an instructional video for) concluded. Hence this crease pattern drawing guide is available first. The navel shell video will be the next one I work on, I just need to find some time where Felix sleeps for an extended period - probably somewhere in the middle of the night. Ah, sleep deprivation, how I love you!


Hallo Sara,
danke für das Tutorial. Habe mir das Programm schon runtergeladen und freue mich aufs Üben..
Aber jetzt eine (wahrscheinlich total dumme) Frage: schneide ich das Faltmuster dann aus?
Bitte nicht lachen, aber ich komme auch im Buch nicht weiter damit.
Vielen Dank für eine Antwort.

Ja, das Faltmuster schneidest Du aus. Dann einmal alle Falten ziehen und schließlich zusammenlegen. Ich benutze diese Faltmuster übrigens um ein unbedrucktes Blatt zu rillen. So sieht man dann auch keine Linien.

Liebe Grüße,

-- Sara

After posting this video, Dennis Walker made me aware of a resource he previously created. It's an excel spreadsheet that draws such crease patterns for you. I haven't tried it myself yet, but definitely will. Here's the link: http://origamidb.sta...

-- Sara

Inkscape supports snapping to the intersection of two lines, so you can avoid your inaccurate guides trick (around 4:46). You need to turn on the snapping mode in the second row of buttons: first turn on "Snap to paths", then turn on "Snap to path intersections".

Thanks for the suggestion, sounds like it will make things much easier indeed!

-- Sara

Thanks for sharing this video tutorial for Drawing Origami Crease Patterns for Whirlpool Spirals! After watching this video you can easily draw Origami Crease Patterns by yourself without seeking any external assistance! Expecting alike posts in the future also!

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