Whirlpool Spiral 5 | 10 | 31 (Tomoko Fuse)

Fuse, Tomoko
Adams, Sara
Model type: 
Review of the paper used: 

Paper: irregular shape cut from Elephant Hide, 20cm wide, 15.8cm high
Model: pentagon with a diameter of 6.2cm, pressed flat 3mm high (expanded 2.75cm)

With some lessons learned while folding my first whirlpool spiral I went about my second one. This time round it took less than an hour. Partly this is because I decided to fold a simpler spiral - but mostly it's because I now knew where I was going and how to speed up the process. Phew, now it doesn't seem as impossible anymore to fold a bunch more of these!


Hi Sara, This is a repeat of a comment I placed on your website but it didn't seem to go anywhere... I recently printed off the spiral diagram and thought I'd try it as an octogon by adding three more vertical rows but it doesn't seem to work very well and I am wondering it it's all to do with the relationship between the 5 and 10/31. It might be just the fabric I tried to make to from but I think it's also the relationship between the number of sides and the angles. Is there an explanation for that please? I haven't been able to buy a copy of the book yet, which may explain it further... Cheers from New Zealand - Mandy And thanks SO much for your terrific website and the youtube tutorial - it's fabulous!

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