Phoenix (Satoshi Kamiya)

Kamiya, Satoshi
Kamiya, Satoshi
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All the pictures posted here were taken by myself. This one is from Kamiya-san's display at the 40th Anniversary BOS Convention in September 2007.

can you please tell me where I can find the instructions for this phoenix because phoenixes are one of my favorite animals and i really like your work

    To the best of my knowledge no diagrams exist. See the other comments for references to the crease pattern and resources for help with collapsing the crease pattern.

    -- Sara

    Hi, do you have any idea where I can order Satoshi Kamiya's book? I would really like to buy it!!! Or maybe a list of stores where available. I'dd be very gratefull!!!

    Hm I think he used a Special type of washi Paper

    I found diagrams for this somewhere online (SK's own diagrams!) but they are low quality, wordless, and they don't use Yoshizawa notation. But I can fold this from CP anyway, so I don't care about the diagrams.
    Just wanted to let you know that diagrams DO exist--they just suck.

    Do you happen to know if the diagrams for this model is recorded in any of his books? And if so, which? Thanks.

    To the best of my knowledge, no diagrams exist for this model (yet). However, I know people have folded the phoenix from crease patterns.

    He should really consider publishing these in books showing how to do each step by step, i could understand the time consumption it would take however, but man, sooo many people would enjoy it and appreciate this from him, me being an orgiami lover, id buy this book the day itd come out.

    I think he published his first book before he designed the phoenix. I can see Kamiya-san publishing another book, but it'll probably need another couple of years.

    -- Sara

    I see a CP on the sign for the phoenix, could you send the CP if it isn't copyrighted? Thanks.

    Ya it would rock Kamiya Satoshi is awesome

    hi sara um u can contact me at youtube my channel is knexcoaster um i have found instructions for the pheonix go to this link and scroll down a little


    -they are not the best but at least there is then instructions

    There are diagrams in works of satashi kymia2002-2009 there is also a video in YouTube that shows you step by step

    there are diagrams in the book works of satoshi kamiya 2

    you rock alot in origami i am a fan

    The size of the paper was 60x60 cm. I saw him folding this Phoenix 3.5 in youtube.

    I managed to collapse the CP (my 2nd CP), but 11-inch/28cm copy paper is too small and/or thick!
    Also, does anybody know what kind of paper is thicker than kami, thinner than copy paper, and stronger than each? It's also the same color, but different textures, on each side. Thanks in advance!

    I know this is kind of late but I think the paper you want is tant.

    Are you sure ? I'm really confused about which paper to buy. plz reply and thanx for the suggestion

    The paper should have a size of about 50x50cm or bigger.

    My 1st try I made was from a paper of 70x70cm. But i just made the base because the paper was too thick.
    The Second try from tissue paper was about 50x50cm and i managed it. :)
    Well... doesn't look exactly like this one in the picture but i like it.

    tadashi mori has avid on youtube on how to collapse the crease pattern and folding the rest of the model. in the video he uses thai urnyu.

    Very few photoes of this model folded by Satoshi can be found online. Most I can find are fold by other people. It turns out that no one can have the wings folded as nice as him.

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