Snowflake (Jared Needle)

Adams, Sara
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Almost a year ago Andrew Hudson and Jared Needle started an origami blog, which since then has featured a new diagram (almost) every week. This snowflake model was the contribution in their second week, and while I have followed them from the start, I have to admit I didn't fold this model until today. It's a really nice snowflake model, and I definitely recommend it. I might do a video on it in the future, especially because there are one or two steps that are quite hard to diagram in 2D. But for now, do explore the site, which provides lots of diagrams to quite new models. And keep your fingers crossed that they'll continue with this project. I definitely am!

Paper: hexagon from a 19.5cm square (side length 9.75cm), pergamyn
Model: hexagon with a side length of 3cm, depth 1.25cm


Hey there! I'm trying out this model and have found the troublesome steps you are talking about. Can you explain in detail what he's trying to diagram in steps 21-22? No matter what I try I can't seem to get it to look like the picture. Thanks! (I don't really understand what the arrow is telling me to do in step 18 either...that might be my problem)

This is from memory (rather than folding the model again), because I am travelling. So much to the disclaimer. Now:
Step 18 is "Pull out some hidden paper". You should then have something similar to three connected flaps in the bottom. The steps thereafter try to express that you take one flap to the right, one to the left, and squash one in the middle. Once you've understood the step, it's not that hard to perform (although not as easy as a simple squash fold), and you get lots of chances to practice that on several sides. If this doesn't help, or turns out to be somewhat incorrect, just shout again and I'll refold when I'm back home and try to give you better advice.
I won't record just that small sequence, I want to do a video of the model in any case. [Not before Christmas, I fear, but maybe right after the Star Box and the Jack in the Box.]

-- Sara

Aha! step 18 was my problem. I had the flaps wrong so step 21-22 weren't working properly. I'm able to finish the model now, thank you so much for your help!

Actually, I was thinking about this being one of the models I'll present this winter.

-- Sara

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