Snowflake (Jared Needle): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Flowers & Plants
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Christmas Origami Instructions: Snowflake (Jared Needle)

Recommended paper: Pacon Paper Squares @, Pacon website

Paper used in this video: 24cm square of kami (9.5in)
Finished model: height of 2cm (0.75in), diameter of 7.5cm (3in)


Thanks for the pointer to Pacon paper, Sara - looks like I can order it via the US Amazon store (not found anywhere in the UK, alas). Great snowflake - must fold that NOW!

...just checked the link - the bad news is that it's sold via a 3rd-party seller (School Specialty) who don't ship to the UK. Definitely a paper to watch out for though. Do you know of a UK supplier?

Sorry, I don't. Thus far I've had a friend send me the paper from the US. That makes it a lot more expensive, but I do love that paper.

-- Sara

Is it possible to use kami or copy paper for that model and not get a hole? Like, maybe folding it slowly will help?

folding slowly can help,though there will be a hole there.i have folded it a couple times,and always ended up with a hole,but its hard not to get it.

Ok. Thanks for the reply, I will fold it, see how big my hole is and maybe I'll ask for pacon paper for Christmas! :D

Hi Sara,

Thank you for creating and sharing this instructional video with us. I always wait for Christmas themed origami designs from you......will be folding a couple of these for my living room window.

Btw...speaking of Christmas themed decoration, I folded Paolo Bascetta's Star to put up as a tree topper. Thanks for the links to the instructional video! http://origamiancy.c...

- Ancella

i have my fingers crossed that Llopio's Moment of Truth is the next model.
Have been looking foreward to that one ever since i made the last waltz

Before Christmas 2010? No, I fear not. After all, Christmas is in less than a week. :)
But I will make more Christmas origami videos... next year. Do you have any specific models in mind?

-- Sara

How long does it take for you to make an instructional video? How long does it take you to make a complex model's instructional video?

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