Giveaway: 5 booklets "Mancinerie" (Deadline: Dec 7th 2014)

Origami Giveaway: 5 booklets "Mancinerie" by Francesco Mancini

Respond at by December 7th 2014

Let's do one final giveaway for 2014! I'll randomly select five winners, each of which will receive a booklet "Mancinerie" with 35 designs by Francesco Mancini.
More details on the booklet: http://www.happyfold...

CDO website: http://www.origami-c...
Stella Pitti diagrams: https://origamiusa.o...
Iridescent paper sources:


Why can't I see the video? When I click on the thumbnail all I get is the text, but no video.

~Keith ♪

Yep! Thanks. Also, when are the results going to be posted, or are they going to be e-mailed directly to the winners?

~Keith ♪

Is that a crease pattern for a tesselation on the front of the book? Just curious.

~Keith ← me

Hello Sara,

When do the results of the giveway are given?


We got back from Italy yesterday. So if all goes well, I'll send the notifications later on today - once the kids are in bed.

Also, good news: Francesco gave me seven booklets, so there will be an extra two winners. :)


-- Sara

So good, hope to be one of the winners. The booklet seem very good (at least I like modular origami so...^^)

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