Giveaway Winners for "Mancinerie" by Francesco Mancini

Origami Giveaway Winners for "Mancinerie" by Francesco Mancini

Thanks for all of your submissions to the "Mancinerie" giveaway! And there's good news - rather than five copies as announced, I received seven origami booklets from Francesco Mancini, so there are two extra winners!

And the winners are:
David Montes from Mexico
Ishita0909 coming all the way from india
Janet from Minneapolis
Mathew from Kansas
Lana from Australia
Wonko from Queensland, Australia

Congrats! I've already sent you an email. If you did not receive it, do check your spam folder or contact me at


I have looooooost oO :-(

ah 2 from USA and 2 from Australia, none from Europe? so saddd

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