Turtle "Chelone": Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Triangle Grid
Paper ratio: 
Non-square Rectangle
Review of the paper used: 

Origami Tutorial: Tessellated Turtle "Chelone" (Melina "Yureiko" Hermsen)

Paper used in this video: 49 cm by 34.5 cm (19 1/4 in by 13 1/2 in), Elephant Hide colored with acrylics
Finished model: 20 cm by 13 cm by 4.5 cm (8 in by 5 in by 1 3/4 in)

This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami turtle called "Chelone" designed by Melina "Yureiko" Hermsen. It uses tessellation techniques to achieve the pattern on the turtle's shell.
Melina kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you. Do check out her Flickr stream for more of her fantastic work.


Thanks so much for your wonderful videos with clear instructions and a calm voice which gives me the confidence to get stuck in. I've only been folding for six month but I'm completely hooked. I've mostly been folding tesselations, so your videos have been an amazing resource. When I saw this Turtle design, I thought it would be a challenge to branch out into something new. I have just finished folding the turtle in elephant hide (didn't manage the eyes, but never mind!) I haven't done any wet folding before and was wondering if you lightly sprayed the clipped model with water or used some other method?
Thanks again for all you painstaking work.

Hi Naomi,

first of all, congrats on folding your Chelone!
Now, to your question. You're absolutely right, after I had secured the paper in some strategic places, I lightly sprayed the model with water. I had actually thought I was recording while I was doing it, but unfortunately I had forgotten to hit the record button. Else that would also have been included in the video. But it really was very basic - I used a travel perfume dispenser filled with water (you can see me take it out once the model is dry) and spritzed with it all over.

Best wishes and happy folding,

-- Sara

This is the page with the tutorial, but it might be that the YouTube video does not load in China.

-- Sara

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