Box and Hydrangea Lid (Shuzo Fujimoto): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Tessellations and Fractals
Flowers & Plants
Paper ratio: 

Mother's Day Origami Tutorial: Hydrangea Box (Shuzo Fujimoto)

Paper used in this video: square with a side length of 24 cm (9 1/2 in), kami
Finished model: side length and height of 6 cm (2 3/8 in)

This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami box and lid decorated with a hydrangea designed by Shuzo Fujimoto. The box and shaping of the lid use the traditional origami masu.
It makes a perfect container for a small gift - for example for Mother's Day. This wrapping will definitely make your present extra special!

Shuzo Fujimoto kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.
Thanks also to Meenakshi Mukerji for encouraging me to make this tutorial. You can download her notes on how to fold this model here.

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