Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Tessellations and Fractals
Paper ratio: 

Origami Tutorial: Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto)

Paper used in this video: square with a side length of 15 cm or 6 in, kami
Finished model: width and length of 7.5 cm or 3 in, flat model or height of 2 cm or 0.75 in

This video describes how to fold a fantastic fractal origami hydrangea designed by Shuzo Fujimoto.
Shuzo Fujimoto kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.

Diagrams were published in "Folding Origami Hydrangea" (おりがみ あじさい折り) by Shuzo Fujimoto


Sara, thank you for this very clear video.. I learned the Hydrangea years ago as well as the Dahlia formed from that base, and I have Fujimoto's book. However, your suggestions for popping up the little pyramids that form each new round of petals was really helpful, as I have fought with them in the past! I am thrilled that you are coming to NYC finally. I am the Registration Chair at the Convention and look forward to meeting you in person! Sincerely, Jean

Sara, I had recently watched your previous video about the Hydrangea, and watching this one now: Wow! It is amazing to notice how your videos get better and better over time! Congratulations! And please bring us many news from the Convention OrigamiUSA!

HI Sara:

I really like your video. My paper tore on both attempts to pull and invert the pyramid. (I prefer the pulling to pushing) What type of paper do you recommend?

I have been unable to get past the "invert pyramid" step.



Hi Melody,

it's actually not about the paper weight, but how strong it is. You can check the paper reviews by Ilan Garibi and Gadi Vishne to check for those properties: http://www.happyfold...
Personally, I like using Pacon squares for the hydrangea and have had great results with it: http://www.amazon.co...

Hope this helps and happy folding,

-- Sara

Which paper did you use for the bigger hydrangea?
Do you know good shops that sell good kami paper? I thought kami was to thin and too weak to fold these kind of origami (especially when you have to pull layers of paper, I fear it could tear the paper....), no? (65gsm is pretty thin...)

Thanks for your replies

Wonderful video, with great pace and clarity. Thank you very much.

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