Blütenkreisel (Carmen Sprung): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Flowers & Plants
Paper ratio: 

Origami Blütenkreisel by Carmen Sprung


in this video, you say that the middle shape is a hexagon, when it's an octagon

Yes, I sometimes screw up terms while I'm doing the videos. Guilty as charged.

how would you make the octagon shape can u tell me how

mine 2

i did what you said in the octagon video and when i fold in half my sides are uneven

i really need help on this model i dont know how to do it can you make an easyer video. even though its a low intermediate model and im a high intermediate folder i need help

me too.... its so hard and i cant see anything and... well... i even dont get the BEGGINING. fold here, fold there... and yea, im a intermediate folder...

There's clearly nothing wrong with this video, I'm just a beginner so this was a bit challenging for me, but after a little bit of fiddling I managed to make the flower on the first try! Thanks for an awesome vid!

May I request that, where do you get the paper (Octogon Shaped as you made in the video) becoz i dont see anything, links, to get the paper.

Maybe I shouldn't be doing my first try out of 3.5 inch paper. I've seen the diagrams and it looks like it gets small.

I folded mine slightly differently, but I really liked the outcome. Thanks for doing these videos for us, Sara!

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