Mother and Child (Stephen Weiss): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Birth / Baby Shower
Paper ratio: 

Origami Instructions: Mother and Child (Stephen Weiss)

Paper used in this video: 24cm (9.5 in) square of kami
Finished model: 12cm (4 3/4 in) high, 7.5cm (3 in) wide, 4cm (1 5/8 in) deep


Thanks for the video for this model. I made the mistake of using tant which came out a bit thick. Hope to try it with thinner paper.

This depends a bit on the lokta and the size of the model.
You might want to add sizing (e.g. MC or CMC) to strengthen the paper first, or make double tissue out of it: http://www.happyfold...
In particular, the paper in the skirt is essentially a single layer, and it needs to be stiff enough to hold its shape, so that the model stands nicely.

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

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