200th Video: Origami Voucher Giveaway (Deadline: 1 April 2012)

200th Video: Origami Voucher Giveaway

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The giveaway has concluded!
492 unique users commented on this video at the time of evaluation (April 4th 2012). I rounded this up to add 3 additional vouchers, so in total 8.
Selection of winners: I sorted the names of all commenters alphabetically and then used random.org to choose 8 of these names.

The winners are: HagRevo, jeffreyalmere, NaykonBG, O0Ofuny, SakuraLilover307, SandiRose27, thelive2, tuerda
Congrats! Please check your YouTube private messages for further information. :)

The rules were:
Leave a comment on the YouTube video that starts with "Enter me." to get a chance of winning a 20EUR (approx. 26 USD) for origami-shop.com - the deadline is 1 April 2012. I will then randomly select who gets a voucher.
I will be giving away at least 5 vouchers, and at most 12. The number of vouchers will be determined by the number of unique commenters on the video: 1 extra voucher per 200 commenters.


Hey Sara,
Well, I am actually joeorigami1999!
Thank you very much for including me in the video!
I was VERY surprised!
I think vouchers are a great idea!
So, that's all I think.
Thanks again!
-- Joe
(P.s. I entered myself into the competition!)

Can we leave a comment here for the contest?

Sorry, no. This time round it'll just be comments on the video itself. (Mostly to reduce the work needed to evaluate who's eligible.)

Hope you understand,

-- Sara

Ok. thats fine.
thanks for taking the time to respond.

ENTER ME: I've known your site today but I think is very very interesting. Thank 4 your Enter me !
I'me happy to have met you, I'll follow you from now on.
Kisses from Italy


Sorry, to enter you'll have to comment on the YouTube video page. That's how I set it up this time round. Hope you understand,

-- Sara

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