April 2012 Origami Voucher Giveaway: The winners

April 2012 Origami Voucher Giveaway: The winners!

The April 2012 origami voucher giveaway as seen at http://www.youtube.c... has concluded!
492 unique users had commented on the giveaway video at the time of evaluation (April 4th 2012). I rounded this up to add 3 additional vouchers, so in total 8.
Selection of winners: I sorted the names of all commenters alphabetically and then used random.org to choose 8 of these names.

The winners are: HagRevo, jeffreyalmere, NaykonBG, O0Ofuny, SakuraLilover307, SandiRose27, thelive2, tuerda
Congrats! Please check your YouTube private messages for further information. :)


Aww Sara,

Congratulations hon. He is a gorgeous baby boy!! You look fantastic and still glowing. I'm so happy for you and your lovely new family :)))

way to go to all the winners of the contest, even though I lost :P Very big congrats to you Sara. He's adorable.

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