Box and Lid (Dave Brill): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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Origami Instructions: Box and Lid (Dave Brill)

Paper: 25cm (10in) square, kami
Model: 5cm by 5cm by 5cm (2in by 2in by 2in)


Your idea of displaying the lines for each fold is AMAZING!

Can you put a ring in the box.

You can put anything in the box you like. I'd probably add some cotton or silk as a bedding.

-- sara

hey sara just wanted to let ya know that i finally made my first origami creation!!! its a double lily! with one petal conjoing them both! and then i realized that there was a tiny hole on the bottom of it. i blowed on it. POOF! its inflateable! i was trying to make a sea turle but i couldnt get step 5 so i just folded it so there was square by opening it out. then i somehow got two square bases on both sides i then proceeded to fold the lily. its sooo super cool!!!!! im tryin to post a picture of it somehow somewhere. but thanks this site really got me motivated to origami!

i made 1 on my first attempt! its a bit unporportional but i still lik it! thankyou so much! and i truly mean it! i plan to give it someone special with a rose in it, and a small poem. thankyou!

I really enjoyed folding this model, I did struggle a little with the pre-crease you forgot to do at the beginning, and had to unfold everything! Then I didn't quite get which direction the final hinge fold was supposed to go, but all this just made me feel I had learned and accomplished something in the end. TY.

Would an ipod nano fit into this box well?

Sometimes, at conventions, we do suprise paper exchanges. You give in several sheets of paper, it's split into several packs, and everyone gets one of those packs of mixed paper samples. That sparkly paper was part of such a surprise pack, so I fear I can't give much info on what it is exactly and where to get it.

An excellent fold! And a superb picture, too. :)

-- Sara

i cant quite make it. can u post a video of the box but slower and less complicating?

What's the point of english subtitles if you're speaking in english already?

For people who are hard of hearing or cannot hear. That's what subtitles are generally for when audio is spoken in your native language. When you turn on the subtitles for your TV, do you also complain that they are speaking the same language? It's the same concept - Closed Captioning.

Ever occur to you that English-speaking deaf people fold, too? (We CAN read, lol)

I look at my laptop in the same room as my family and they get annoyed if I have the sound on when I am trying to work something out hence english subtitles are helpful even though I can hear.

My roommate needed a box to hold his fiancee's engagement ring. I made this ring box for him, and he ended up using it to propose! Thanks for your detailed instructions and great video.
Oh, and she said yes!

try as i might (3rd or 4th attempt now) i can't get this, i got further this try, but that crease you forgot at 13 mins has confused me and i've lost it again. any chance of a diagram? i work better off diagrams, i've paused and gone back so many times, i think i've been trying to do it for about 45 mins now and given up as i need to go and cook. i might try again tomorrow.

sorry i wanted to ask some thing thats not related to this video can u make a tutorial on how to make origami paper but not with things like wallpaper glue or things like that is there a simple way to make origami paper with notebook paper so that the origami paper has no lines thx

You'll need 2 pieces of paper. Lay one down vertically (as if you were going to write on it) and put the other one on top horizontally (The lines should go up and down.). Now align them so the bottom and right edges of both papers are flush with each other. Trace the top edge of the paper on top and cut on that line. Hope this helps!


I've tried to make this beautiful box, but even though it turned out fine, it seems to not close properly.
It stays open.

Did I do something wrong?

Thank you!

Anyone know where I can find instructions for this that's... you know... Not in video form?

Why can't she just do it? Why does she care so much about it being pretty? It wasted my time! It's really confusing

really wanted to make this but the video was totally confusing...
"hope that was kind of visible" no it wasn't.

This box is something I really wanted to make but it all got to confusing which was super anoying. She is concentrating on making the box look pretty but what we (viewers) want to know is how to make the box not how to make it look beautiful!!!!

I loved the video on making Box and lid this creatively. Such extra activities always help me feel relaxed and out from the busy world of my job. I really want to appreciate the effort that you have put in to publish this article as well as the video. Thanks for the post.

...I am usually good at origami. I've made complicated things before with no problem. But this video is just confusing. I managed to keep up with it anyway until the part where its the first part of folding the box. I folded everything exactly as the video instructed up to that point, so there's no reason my folds would be in the wrong place or anything. Is there a diagram somewhere? That would make more sense...

So impressive!!! Sara, you did a masterful job of making the process clear and if not easy, at least understandable. I really don't understand the whiners who couldn't follow you or were bothered by "making it pretty". What's the point if you don't do a beautiful finished product. Really well done. Many thanks!

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