Eastern Dragon (Joseph Wu)

Wu, Joseph
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 
Non-square Rectangle

Paper size: 3.3cm by 19.8cm


Are you absolutely sure about the size of the paper. I made with 3,5cm by 18cm and it looked pretty small. You say that yours is 10 times smaller. If it is as you say the color change ribbon is 1/5 of a milimeter and the coin (by comparison in the pic) about 3mm in diameter.
I like your work very much and this site is very good. Keep up with the good work.

Ah, so sorry. I did get the numbers wrong. Of course, you are right in that I folded the dragon from a 3.3cm by 19.8cm sheet of paper. I corrected this right when you wrote the comment, but seem to have forgotten to thank you for your pointer. So here it is: many thanks for pointing this out to me. I guess we all make errors once in a while, but it's great when people help you find and correct them.

i'm a super fan. some of your videos helped me through some of the models i tried to make and failed. im getting really frustrated recently, i want to make really cool looking stuff but it's so complicated, any ideas? i know of the BOS but are there any origami societies located in chicago? i loved your videos from the conventions. some of the models were insane! big fan.

dude, you still rock xxxxxxxxx

what size did you use

I don't know what you mean by "8 square rectangle paper". And I haven't folded this model yet. So I fear I really cannot answer your question. :(

-- Sara

that means how many squares you can make from it
like copy paper makes 1 square fold it in half you get 2 squares
fold it in half again you get 4 squares

see the bfcc is 10 squares
the caterpillar is 3 or more squares
this i am making from a 8 square paper

sorry if this didnt make sense
and by-the-way i having folded it yet either i'm waiting to finish the bfcc...

I don't have diagrams for Roland Koh's cobra, so I don't know. I read on a forum that the diagrams suggest you start with a paper with a ratio of 1 by 40. In your terms, I guess that means: 40 squares, not 8.

-- Sara

its David Derudas's

That dragon is amazing. I don't think I could ever fold anything that small.

It's not small, it's just a giant coin

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