Stellated Icosahedron (Paolo Bascetta)

Bascetta, Paolo
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
30 units
Paper ratio: 

Paper: 30 sheets of 5.4cm squares of foil paper, red/gold
Model: diameter of 8.5cm


Hi Sara,

I like the color combination you have chosen for this model. Looks like you are gearing up for Christmas, already. A great fold nonetheless, will make a good hanging for the Christmas tree!

Heh, got me. Yes, indeed, I'm celebrating Christmas at my place for the first time, and my husband doesn't want to buy Christmas decorations. Which only leaves one option: I fold them. :)

-- Sara

It is better to fold Christmas decorations than to buy them in my mind, it's less expensive(: Also, it's something you can keep. I actually fold something for every holiday I can.(Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day,4th of July)

Actually, when you factor in the time needed it's not necessarily less expensive. ;) But it is nicer to have, yes. As to keeping - we'd keep the Christmas decoration we buy, too - but probably hide it in a box until next Christmas. I guess the origami decorations I simply have to move to a less visible display area. :)

-- Sara

Is it me, or does the module look a bit like the Tornillo (sp?) module? Or did Bascetta design the Tornillo module?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can clear this up for me.

This model is excellent!
I have made it 3 times!
I am planning to send this origami design to the OrigamiUSA Origami by Children.
Your website is fantastic!
I enjoy all of your fear instructional videos!
I can't wait until you upload more!
Greetings :)

Diagrams are published in the book https://www.happyfol...
There are also multiple online sources for this model, which is often simply referred to as the "Bascetta Star".

-- Sara

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