Christmas Tree (Makoto Yamaguchi): With modular pieces by various designers

Yamaguchi, Makoto
Fuse, Tomoko
Hull, Tom
Mukerji, Meenakshi
Bascetta, Paolo
Lukasheva, Ekaterina
Adams, Sara
Model type: 
12 units
24 units
30 units
60 units
Flowers & Plants

I know it's a bit early... but I'm just so proud of my little Christmas tree!

Paper for the tree:
50cm square, 40cm square, 30cm square, 20cm square of dark green card stock
21cm square of black paper (for the trunk)

All other modules:
5.4cm squares, or 5.4cm by 2.7cm strips , or 2.7cm squares of foil paper, green/gold or red/gold


WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome, that tree is definitely going to be folded for Christmas. Gonna start now!

I saw this tree and thought about doing something similar with figures (snowmen, reindeer, Santa, etc) rather than modulars, but this looks excellent. The gold, red and green work very well together and are very festive.
The star on the top is very nice, too. Is it held up by a Christmas miracle, or something more mundane?
Either way, great work!

i thought you didnt like modular things?if thats the case,whats with all the modular pics lately?

Heh, I saw that one coming. :)
I could probably write a lot on this, but I'll keep it very short. So, three reasons:

1. I wanted to make Christmas decorations, and modulars seemed the right way to go.
2. I don't like modular as much as folding from a single sheet, but that doesn't mean I don't like it at all. Also, I've been warming to modular origami more in the last year or so.
3. I got this awesome paper in November, and it just needed some folding. :)

-- Sara

I bought it at the Italian convention. It's not on the cheap side, let's put it like that. ;)
What, you want details?
200 sheets of 5.4cm squares: 6 EUR
10 sheets of 24cm squares : 10 EUR

Now, "Italian convention" isn't a great source for you if you want to buy the paper. :) So I did do an extensive search and found an online source: http://origamikaikan...
I am not sure, but this may be the same stuff: http://www.origami-p...

Hope that helps a bit,

-- Sara

What is the modular origami that only needs 12 units?

The red/gold star in the top requires 12 modules.

-- Sara

What is the star that you used at the top of the chritsmas tree?

I believe it's a star designed by Paolo Bascetta. I went to a meeting, and a couple of people folded it, so I'm not 100% sure.

-- Sara

How tall is the tree overall? Based on the sizes you gave those modulars seem quite small.

The tree itself (without the star) is about 50cm (20in) tall. The modulars have a diameter between 4.5cm (1.75in, smallest) to 8cm (3.125in, largest).

-- Sara

Hey Sara, I went to this fabulous website that shows you how to make pop- up cards from simple to advanced. There are animals, celebrations, fun stuff, and star wars! It is based on Robert Sabuda's pop- up books. The patterns are easy to print, but some need downloading. The website is:
So try making some, you can make some for Christmas too! Let me know how it goes. :)

When in doubt consult:
a. http://origamidataba...
b. image search - be it Google or Flickr

That's what I'd do, too. Sorry, I don't know a complex polar bear design from the top of my head. Of course, you can always go with a normal bear and fold it from white/gray paper. Quentin Trollip's new book Origami Sequence has a complex bear in it.

-- Sara

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