50k subscribers giveaways: The Winners!

50k subs giveaways: The winners!

In this video I'm announcing the winners of the series of five giveaways I hosted in celebration of reaching 50.000 subscribers on YouTube. Thanks everyone for your support!

Fun stats:

  1. Giveaway (origami book): 639 entrants
  2. Giveaway (folded model): 362 entrants
  3. Giveaway (paper pack): 527 entrants
  4. Giveaway (gift certificate): 458 entrants
  5. Giveaway (all of the above): 323 entrants (I did not verified all sent an email, though)
    I have read all emails, but have not responded to any of them yet. It was extremely hard to pick a winner. Thanks so much for all of your fantastic responses - it's been a joy to read from you!

Time lapse of belly painting "Brown Horse" and "Chinese Dragon on Waves"



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