Curlicue: Kinetic Origami

Brill, Assia
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Nov 2013)
January 2014
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Hi Sara,
I'd like to buy this book, but I have couple questions. Do I need any special paper? Something like special long strips? Do I have to connect parts to get the strip. It's important to me because I live in Czech republic and there's almost no origami paper to buy :)
Thank you

Yes, you'll require long strips of paper. I actually used wrapping paper, which worked really well. Origami paper isn't necessary for the curlicues, and I think most countries will have a range of nice wrapping paper to work with. So perhaps that's an option for you, too?

-- Sara

Thanks i love your videos!

So if you use wrapping paper, you just keep the proportions of 35 cm : 5 cm : 1 cm and enlarge it? or what would be the best measurement with the Single Strip Square Curlicue?

I know I'm not the one you were asking,but any paper is fine,but you might have a bit of trouble with grainy paper.

Hi Sara,

I am Rajesh here i am a huge fan of yours. You are very precise in you instructions.

I am from Bangalore, India.

I would like to get the giveaway book on Curlice and I would be greaatful.

Thanks and bye

Hello Rajesh, 
I'm an origami enthusiast dwelling in b'lore.
I just saw that you are from Bangalore.
Can u just contact me at my email-I'd or my Facebook page ? I would like to talk with you about Origami personally. 
Nikhil S.

Any idea what kind of paper is using in the book and on his youtube video? The paper almost has a nylon kind of look to it.

Thanks and I love your videos,
Julian Washington

Hi Sara, I'd like to buy this book Curlicue. Do you have any idea about where I can find it in New York City or Boston?

I'll appreciate your information.

hello sarah!
i just wanted to make a request that can you scan the portion in which assia brill has shown the curlicue that you have shown in your youtube video.
pls it will be pleasure if you will fulfill my request

I fall in love with your wonderful ideas and really want to buy the book, but buying a paper book implies shipping and custom fees before it reaches my hands in my country (Uruguay). Would you please consider publishing a Kindle version of the book? Thank you, in advance ;D

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