[past] Curlicue Sneak Peek and Giveaway (Deadline: March 1st 2014)

[past] Origami Curlicue Sneak Peek and Giveaway (Deadline: March 1st 2014)

Update: This giveaway has concluded. 375 participated, 226 via comments on YouTube, 91 via email, 46 via comments on happyfolding, and the rest via other means (e.g. sending me a message on YouTube). Sorry if you didn't win - but there'll be more giveaways in the future!

Yey! I'm giving away a copy of the book "Curlicue: Kinetic Origami" by Assia Brill!

Participate in the giveaway for a chance to win the book by doing one of the following by March 1st 2014:


Your videos introduced me to the wonderfull origami world! I would like to join in the giveaway...

please really wanna get that ?
thanks for the giveaway !!!

Commenting all the way from Brazil for the chance to win this give away!
Everybody here at home watch your videos and love it!

can i enter please? :D thank you

Hi I want to win this so it can help me with origami I will be proud of myself for winning something like this

You introduced me into origami I will be more than proud of myself.

I would like to win your give away.

I love your videos and I will love to win something like this I will be more than proud to win if I win this it will be marked in my life because it is so special to me so please I really really want to win . You introduced me into origami

I very liking your videos.. Even the curlicue.I would like to do if the star can make a 100 percent star.And pls i would like that curlicue book pls. its my dreams to have the very first book.

godbless your family.godbless.

Hey Sara,

these models are amazing!
I need to have a copy of Assias book!

Have a nice day!

Hey Sara,

these models are amazing!
I really need a copy of Assias book!

Have a nice day!

I would love to have this book.

Hi I would love to participate in this give away I am so fascinated on how it works and amazed that Assia could create such an amazing thing

Hi I would love to participate in this give away I am so fascinated on how it works and amazed that Assia could create such an amazing thing

i like your origami and i hope i winning in the givaway and its ok that i live in germany

I'll send the book to the winner of the giveaway, no matter where they live in the world. (As long as postal service delivers there, of course!)
As to Germany, I live in Germany, too, so no problem there. :)

-- Sara

thanks for this great giveaway! I love this site. I'd like to enter.

Sorry, to take part in the giveaway I need some way of identifying you. Can you please leave another comment that includes your email address (in the form, so that it's hidden from others), or send me an email?


-- Sara

Please enter me into the giveaway~~The concept seems really interesting making curls and stuff with paper :D

I would love to explore those curlicues :)

Your youtube channel revived my love for origami a couple of weeks ago and I just finished the violinist by Hojyo Takashi :) I am so hooked!!! :)

This would be a great book to work on. Now that I work at a place that sells origami paper, I have been looking for some interesting origami to fold.

That is truely a fine work of fingers. Always enjoy watching your videos. Please enter me into the giveaway. This looks like a fun book.

I would love to win this book!

I would so love to win this book!

Please i want that copy i love all your jobs i do most of the origami that you post on youtube and your web page pllease im form Colombia and i really want to join in the Giveaway

Hi Sara,
thanks so much for all the videos you've shared thus far! As an origami enthusiast, I've enjoyed many of your videos. They have inspired me to keep my origami hobby and to keep on folding even though sometimes life gets a little busy. It's always interesting to see new origami models and ideas, and the curlicue/kinetic origami in your latest video is especially interesting because it's not often that we find origami with movement - almost everything I've made is very stable and static.
I would like to participate in your giveaway for Assia's book, and if by any chance I'm lucky enough to win it I'd love to try my hand at the kinetic origami models!

Thank you, and happy folding! :)

Hey Sara. I just want to thank you for doing this giveaway. Also, can you please enter me into the latest giveaway you have going on. YOU ARE SO AWESOME

Hello Sara,
This is my first time writing you, but you have been important to me for years already. I teach origami to children, but I tell everyone that you are my teacher. Your videos stimulate and advance my practice and refresh my instruction of others.

I would love to be entered in your giveaway- the book looks fascinating.
Love your generous nature with these giveaways.

About your celebration of reaching the 50,000 mark- first of all, congratulations!
I have two ideas-
First, I love opportunities where origami is sold as art, especially for a charitable purpose. You could choose a charity that matters to you and sell a few pieces and perhaps have others contribute pieces. I think this practice also elevates origami as art and spreads the appreciation.

Second, I love to see exceptional origami but it is not well communicated where such exhibits are held. And often there are a few origami pieces in a larger exhibit, as I recently saw at the Metropolitan Museum of art in NYC, and in the temporary exhibit 30 under 30 at the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC. Perhaps your site could include a bulletin board where people post origami exhibits or places to see the work of master folders all over the world. I might even plan some trips around the chance to see an exhibit, if I knew in time!

Of course both ideas require a lot of work, but I am constantly amazed by your energy!
Best wishes to you and your family!

Hi Fran,

Thanks for your suggestions!

Are you aware of Origami Caravan? They did something very similar to what you described - collect art pieces - origami folds - and then auction them off for a good cause. Check http://origamicarava... for more info.

As to an overview of exhibitions and such, I fear I don't have enough insight myself. I do think a couple of websites (especially societies) try to keep a list of such events, but it always depends on someone submitting the details. I don't have enough confidence that I'd have more complete information than them. :(

-- Sara

Hi Sara,

I have been folding for the last 5 years and have learnt a lot from Happy Folding.com. Me and my friend have a group in CHennai, India. We love the art and we are popularising it here through workshops. We would like to have that copy of the book with your autograph on it. It would be awesome to have a book autographed by you!!!

THank you for the giveaway!!

Hi Sara,

I have been folding for the last 5 years and have learnt a lot from Happy Folding.com. Me and my friend have a group in CHennai, India. We love the art and we are popularising it here through workshops. We would like to have that copy of the book with your autograph on it. It would be awesome to have a book autographed by you!!!

THank you for the giveaway!!

Hi Sara,
I want to enter in the giveaway.... I just wanted to say how great it has been to have someone like you with consistently clear and simple instructions on your channel. I have done origami ever since I could pick up a piece of paper, and I would love the next dimension on kinetic origami. I know origami can be overlooked often and I just want to continue to share my passion of origami with the rest of the world. This would mean the world to me. Thanks!

i just start folding only few months after fumble on your youtube " happy folding" . it was very intriguing and "crystal clear" instruction video. your voice was very calm and relax. i am hooked to fold now. it relaxes me and calm me down. your video of curlicue strip origami is very interesting. i have never seen it before. it evolves shape, size and design when you twiste clockwise and counterclockwise. clockwise, it becomes a cone and couterclockwise it evolves into a beautiful sort of flower and flatten out. woah! i like it. i would love to get my hand on the book so i could learn how to fold it or better to follow your video. i have recomended your youtube to all my friends and relatives and tell them to subscribe so you will reach your fifty thousand in no time. keep up the great job. Baci to Felix he is a cutie. greeting from switzerland.

Hi Sara it would be a great thing to have this book! Thanks a lot your videos are great, i hope i can teach someone to my daughter!

This looks like it could actually be used as a stress reliever... and make something special at the same time!! Enter me please!

Hi Sara,

I love this video and would love to participate in this giveaway! I would comment on YouTube but it is trying to force me to sign up to Google+ which I don't want to do!

Dear Sara -

I would like to be included in the giveaway. If you are thinking of ways to celebrate your 50K subscribers (congratulations) what about an auction of some of your origami or pieces from others and the money will go to a charity. Your videos are always wonderful and I'm so glad that you have found the time despite working on your PhD. I hope Felix and your whole family is well. Thank you for all your hard work!

- Karl

Hi Sara,

I would really like to participate and win.
I ❤️ Origami!

I'm happier for the sneak peak of the next video than for the giveaway!

Sara, you're amazing, the best model in the best video style, showed by you: the best origami teacher !

Ok, I'm actually happier for the next video (which I'm looking for) but this won't stop me from partecipate to the giveaway...
Please let me be a part of this lovely project.


The videos that you make have really inspired me to make more and more origami. When I first saw this model I was instantly blown away. I would love to fold all of his other models! I am so excited for the tutorial coming soon on the Curlicue and have the large paper to do it. Also, I was wondering if windstone marble paper would work. I would love to win this giveaway, keep being an inspiration:D

Hi Sara!
Eine wunderschöne Idee, das Buch zu verschenken.
Ich würde mich auch sehr darüber freuen.
Aber auch wenn ich nicht das Buch gewinnen sollte - auf jeden Fall gewinne ich ein neues Video!
Deine Videos sind immer sehr gut erklärt und haben mich sehr schnell von "extraordinary simple" zu "low intermediate" gebracht.
Dir alles Gute!

Hola Sara! (Hi!) I like to participate in the giveaway.. and tanks for ur videos! :D

Thank you for this wonderful website! It has been one of my go-to sites for inspiration and education for years now. You are doing a fantastic job, please keep up the great work!

The book looks fascinating, please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!

I would be very lucky if I would win the book :)

i love your work! this is so easy but mindblowing

Thanks for organising another giveaway!

Hi Sara!
I would like to enter the giveaway. I've never seen an origami like that, I really hope to fold one someday! I don't really have many books, so I usually look for origami instructions online. Thank you for all your videos -- you inspire me to continue pursuing origami, despite how busy school can get. Keep up the great work!
- Anita

i love your site!!! i would love to have the book. i`m a huuuge fan of assia

Hi! I love watching your videos on youtube, and you are very easy to learn from. If it's not too late, I would love to enter the giveaway.

Dear Sara
I would like to be included in the give away competition. Today is 2 March in Australia, but maybe still 1 March in Europe. Today is, by the way, my 71st birthday. I have had a late call to origami (perhaps for the last 10 years or so). So I do enjoy your instructional videos, Sara. Please keep posting them.
With best regards
Dr Barbara Radcliffe

Hi I would love to participate in this give away if it's not too late . I love your videos ! Keep up the good work . Wish you the best

Hi I would love to participate I. This giveaway . I love your videos,keep up the good work . I wish you the best.

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