Eastern Dragon (Joseph Wu): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Paper: 13cm by 65cm
Model: 18cm by 18cm


Oh, but if I could teach this kind of stuff at our origami sessions. What do you think, should we give it a try some time?

...usually, at origami sessions, the "ori-artists" fold their own models,

So if you would like to show how to fold these models on sessions, it's still ok, but it would be better if you had at least one of your own...good luck on any sessions you may take or host!

Mel and me are at the same University, and I teach origami there. I was suggesting showing the Eastern Dragon, but I'm not sure whether it'd be too much for one session.

Can you tell me where i can find the diagrams for the spiral snakeshell?

Also,do you know where I can get the diagrams for Stephen O' Halen's medusa.

does anyone know where to get instructions for the anceint dragon or bahamut that kamiya satoshi made?


I like your videos but I have NO CLUE where to get that kind of paper. Can you please tell me how to get that long strip of paper you use in the video?
-Thanks, Ben

In the video I used wrapping paper that I cut to the required size. It wasn't the best paper to work with, but some wrapping paer is absolutely fine for folding. Just try avoiding paper that feels soft and plasticy.
Another option is using packaging paper. The only downside to that is that you'll mostly get it in brown.

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

What are the dimensions of the paper that you used in the video? If you said in the video, I'm sorry, I don't have speakers, but could someone tell me the dimensions of the paper?

It was posted in the video description, but not here. I updated the content. The paper used was a 13cm by 65cm sheet of wrapping paper. By the way, the wrapping paper was soft and a bit plasticy, so really not the kind of quality you should be folding with.

Ive always wanted to make an oragami dragon but didnt know where to find info on making one, thanks alot for the instructions! Great site!

ARGH...I keep messing up but it keeps gettn better!!!!!oh and BTW luv the vids!!!!!!!!!!!!

For this particular model I tried using tissue foil. One side red and the other side was foil. At the end the I gave the tail my own personal touch by molding it into sort of a crescent shape. But that was probably possible becuase of the foil part of the paper. The model came out beautifully and I am in love with origami and I am only in the 8th grade.

Rose Brooch - Sy Chen
Kangaroo (baby in the pouch)- Peter Engel
Snail- Shiri Daniel
Rat- Eric Joisel
Basset Hound- Quentin Trollip
Eastern Dragon- Joseph Wu
Pig- Quentin Trollip
Parrot- Miguel Sigro

P.S- I was wondering if you have designed any model of origami, Sara.

Juan Inastrilla

Foil is quite suitable for this model, yes. That's particularly so, because I find that a shiny surface actually suits the model quite well. It also eases the shaping, of course. :)
I can tell you that in 8th grade I couldn't fold any of those models. Well, I hadn't even really started with origami! So you're way ahead of me in some ways!

As to designing, I've designed one simple eagle. You can download the diagrams and give it a try, if you like.

-- Sara

My favorite has always been the swan. I know it's the most practiced, most common oragami fold, but it's still so beautiful. I don't know if I could handle a dragon quite yet.

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