Origami Tessellations


Great job on the video Sara! its really cool. I was wondering if you might be able to make a video showing how to make the water bomb tessellation. its really cool

I uploaded the video last week. Enjoy!

-- Sara

Will you be able to make instructional videos on most of the tesselations?
I would like to have an instructional video on the stacked triangles

(: I like the exploded cheese :)

I will look into making more videos. Note that the stacked triangles is one of the harder projects, which does of course not mean I'll exclude it from my considerations for my next video.
The next model I'll show from this book is probably the "Star Puff" by Ralf Konrad. It's a simple project, but really beautiful.

-- Sara

I was just looking at the video again and was just wondering what type of paper did you use for the Hydrangea.... Did you use origami paper or double-tissue paper?

The red hydrangea was folded from double-tissue. Worked like a charm. The model was folded from a 17cm square, and I did 7 levels on it. I think I might have been able to do another level, actually.

-- Sara

AWESOME! Never thought it would work... Thanks! I will try it! Yesterday, I finally finished all of your origami tesselation that you have taught! Thank you very much!

is there a bird base tesselation in that book cause i looked it up on books.google and saw there is bird base by the way the hydangea looks like a poinsetta

I can't remember a bird-base tessellation, but don't have access to the book right now (travelling over the holidays). If a preview of the book shows a bird-base tessellation, though, I guess there's one in there. ;)

-- Sara

at the convention some guy let me look through the book i found it
that was easy to make!!! kami works well and a paper that seems like thin cardstock.


Yes there is one called Bird Base (Christine Betten) but the only ones I've folded yet are the Five-and-Four (easy, even for a beginner), Spread Hexagons (hard to get the hang of, but then pretty easy), Star Puff, and Waterbomb.

Did I see a partial chateau-chinon in the middle of the book? If not, what was it?

i read you made the hydrangea from double tissue and i liked the way it looked so i tried
either i used the wrong type of tissue or you did something different to it...
now i know how to make it dont get me wrong...

Do you think that the transparent paper is good for origami because im thinking about buying some

Well, that depends on two things:

1. The model you want to fold
I do like folding with translucent paper for tessellations. I haven't used it much for any other projects, though.

2. The type of translucent paper
The thing you have to be most careful about with translucent paper is that it doesn't break after you've folded it back and forth just a couple of times. I guess it's a bit of a trial and error, so before you buy a large supply of paper (this holds for all kinds of paper), do buy a test sheet and give it a try first. Generally, if the translucent paper is quite stiff and thick, it'll probably be less suitable for origami.

could you make a crease pattern for 4 stages up to 11 stages?

I'm not sure I see the sense in that. The crease pattern is just like for 3 stages, really. But I do have vague plans to make a video showing how to fold more stages. I think that would help more.

-- Sara

it took me a month to get the hang of the instructions

Hey Sara I was wondering if you could try to get permission for more origami tessellations i have already made all the tessellations on your origami channel :D

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